Easy slim tea Review

Easy slim tea claims to help in body and mind wellness as well is active weight loss slimming tea.

What is easy slim tea?

Easy slim tea is claimed to be an effective weight loss slimming tea. It is also contended that apart form assisting in losing weight, the slimming tea also helps in detoxifying.


The overall function of this slimming tea as claimed is to ensure the overall body and mind wellness. The easy slimming pack claims that the product is purely made with an ayurvedic method which means that most of the ingredients are Ayurveda.


The manufacturer of Easy slim tea


Easy slim tea has a distributor online who is responsible for distributing the product to whoever orders for it. The distributor, however, does not give more details on when the company is situated or when it was started.


The distributor has however posted the contacts you can use to contact them for further information on the product.


How does Easy Slim Tea work?


This particular slimming tea acts as a magnet for attracting fat and after that it helps in burning the fat. It also activates and supports the body’s natural metabolism which results in the user being more active. When metabolism is enhanced, the energy levels of the user subsequently increases causing more burning of the fat and later on loss of weight.


Apart from Easy slim tea working to burn fat, the slimming tea also helps in controlling cravings by lowering the appetite of the user. When the appetite of the user is minimised, then the cravings are decreased which means that the user will be able to eat what is healthy without struggling with cravings.


Easy slim tea ingredients – are they safe and effective?


As mentioned earlier, the pack used to package the product claims that the product is ayurvedic in preparation. An Ayurvedic preparation means that this slimming tea has been prepared or manufactured using Ayurvedic treatment.


So let’s discuss in detail what Ayurveda is and how it can help in losing weight.


Ayurveda, as explained by the WebMD, is an old-age whole body healing system that has been used for centuries. Ayurveda treatments were introduced in India 3000 years ago.


Mainly, herbs are used to make Ayurveda medicine effective. Below are some of the herbs that may have been used in this particular slimming tea.


  • Ashwagandha – this is a shrub that is mainly grown in India. It helps to increase energy in the body. This may be the reason why the manufacturer considered using Ayurveda. The presence of the ashwagandha shrub may increase the energy levels of the user and therefore increase the metabolism rate and subsequently help in burning fat,according to African Journal of Traditional,Complementary and Alternative Medicines:AJTCAM
  • Cardamom – this is a very nutritious herb, but it turns out that this herb can also help in losing weight. Cardamom increases metabolism, and later energy levels are also increased to ensure that more fat has been burnt,according Lipids in Health and Disease Journal.
  • Nargamotha – Nargamotha or cyperus rotundas grows all over the world but mostly used in India. An extract of nargamotha is very potent in the treatment of obesity, according 3 Biotech Journal.
  • Triphala – this is a potent herb that consists of three dried Indian fruits namely Amalaki, haritaki and bibhitaki. Triphala is very efficient in detoxifying and is also a long term weight loss herb,according to Journal of Alternative and Complementary



Other herbs that are used in Ayurveda medicine include turmeric, manjistha, cumin, Brahmi and many more herbs. Ayurveda is also said to create the harmony of the mind body and soul. This harmony is said to promote the wellness of the body, mind and soul which is what this product is claimed to achieve and also help in losing weight.


Well, is Ayurveda treatment safe and effective? Ayurveda has been used for centuries, and it has been proved to work for many people not only in trying to lose weight but also in giving the whole being of the user harmony. This is to say that Ayurveda treatment is safe and effective.


What are the advantages of Easy slim tea?


  • May give you a glowing skin due to its detoxifying abilities.
  • The body may be detoxified.
  • May cause weight loss
  • Might reduce issues with the digestive system such as bloating
  • Supports both the body and mind wellness.


What are the disadvantages of easy slim tea?


  • No official website of the product can be found
  • The information provided on the product is minimal
  • Some users might experience side effects thanks to the Ayurveda herbs in the product.





  1. How should you take the product?


The product has 60 sachets that should be taken in 30 days. The manufacturer suggests that a sachet should be dipped in approximately a 100ml size of a cup and let it rest for 2-3 minutes and then shake well. The manufacturer also recommends that for better results sugar and milk should not be added to the tea.


  1. How much does easy slim tea cost?


The distributor sells the product at INR 999.


  1. Does easy slim tea offer a free trial?


This is not clear as the manufacturer has not yet given any information on whether there is a free trial or not.



Easy slim tea review – final verdict


This slimming tea as claimed uses a natural method to help the body of its user to lose weight. This product is also said to assist in detoxifying the body which ensures that the wellness of the body and mind is assured.


The product is also said to work using the Ayurveda treatment. The Ayurveda treatment claims to bring about the harmony of the mind, body and soul and ensure that these three correlate with each other to bring about whole body wellness. Ayurveda uses herbs to do this, and this might be the reason why easy slim tea was manufactured with the method.


Ayurveda helps in losing weight, detoxifying the body and reducing stress levels which is why the product is said to bring about these benefits to the body. Easy slim tea manufacturers in spite of stating these benefits, they do not give more information on the product. They do not have an official website where a buyer can get all the information they need.


Apart from this product, other products can also give the same results the Easy slim tea claims to provide.


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