Ultra Omega Burn Review

Ultra Omega Burn is supplement pills which is most active diet pills for losing weight. It claims to strengthen and improve collagen tissues to get smooth and clear skin.


Ultra Omega Burn: read the reviews and then decide for yourself

No one can deny the fact that losing weight these days can be quite tiresome, confusing and sometimes boring. Exercising and dieting are two methods that make losing weight very tiresome.

Fortunately, for people who can’t find time to lose weight the natural way, there are other lots of ideas for losing weight. One method that can be used is by finding top diet pills or medication that will help you lose weight.

In this article, we are going to review the Ultra Omega Burn weight loss supplement. All you need to know about this supplement is in the review, to help you make a better decision.

What do we know about Ultra Omega Burn?

This is a fat loss supplement that comes in a soft-capsule form manufactured by Nutra Active. This supplement is fashioned for people who have stagnation in their weight loss journey and also people who think they can’t lose weight at all.

The manufacturer known as Nutra Active, claims that these supplement pills are one of the most effective diet pills for losing weight. They argue that the core ingredient in this supplement, has been carefully researched and found to have abilities suitable for losing weight.

The manufacturer also puts up a recommendation that this supplement can be used for cholesterol levels, the skin and other functions. Whether this is true or not, someone who wants to purchase this supplement is very free to read Ultra Omega Burn reviews to get more information on the product.

This way, the buyer will be able to make a final decision on whether the supplement is right for them.

How does it work?

According to this company, they claim that research has it that fat cells talk and if signalled, they can release fat. Fat cells are said to have receptors on the surface that when indicated to release fat, they release it and then indicate muscles to use the released fat.

Nutra Active claims that Ultra Omega Burn has been manufactured using only the main ingredient known as Palmitoleic acid which is also known as Omega-7. Palmitoleic acid is said to have the ability to send signals to fat cells to release fats.

After the fat is released by the fat cells, it is then as an energy source, burned and the fat is done away with. It is also said that the Ultra Omega Burn can reduce inflammation that is sometimes caused by a massive weight gain.

On their website, the company suggests that for an adult dietary supplement, the Ultra Omega Burn should be taken one softgel/capsule a day. They also recommend that if you are pregnant, with a medical condition or nursing, then you will need to seek the prescription of a physician.

What are the ingredients found in Ultra Omega Burn?

This fat loss supplement is purely formulated using the Palmitoleic acid which is commonly known as Omega-7 and other ingredients such as purified water, glycerin and gelatin.

So it is safe to say what the company claims that this fat loss supplement has Omega 7, water, glycerin and water as the only ingredients. This potent compound is said to be the newest sensation in the scientific world which as claimed, has so many benefits to offer.

It is a monosaturated fat that can be acquired from both marine and plant sources. A monosaturated fat in simple terms is a healthy fat. You must have noticed that there are many Omega-7 supplements for weight loss.

You must also know that Omega-7 can go ‘bad’ if not stored correctly or sourced wrongly. The Ultra Omega Burn 7 supplement manufacturers claim that their product’s Omega-7 is fresh and wholly natural, so there is no worry of the compound to go bad.

Pros of Ultra Omega Burn

  • Kickstarts weight loss if it had been stagnant and not showing any results. Some people started a weight loss journey years ago, and they never seem to be making any progress. The manufacturers of this supplement have a claim that this product is specifically designed for them to kickstart their weight loss journey again.


  • Enhances collagen levels, leaving your skin rejuvenated and radiant.The main ingredient said to be in the supplement improves collagen, and as a result, you may get clear, smooth skin.

Cons of Ultra Omega Burn

  • Not much is known about the company behind this weight loss supplement. This is because the company only started recently.
  • If you visit their website you will notice that the product has not been discussed in detail.
  • The main ingredient Omega-7 might cause adverse side effects to some users.
  • Palmitoleic acid tests were performed on rats and not on humans so there is no guarantee that it will work on humans.

Where can you buy Ultra Omega Burn?

You can order this product directly from their official website where they list the price of the product. The site has not openly listed where you can find a physical shop for the product.

They have however made clear of where they can be found on their official website.


This weight loss supplement is just one of the many weight loss supplements that are all over the weight management stores. This one, however, claims to be natural and effective and the company claims it’s ingredients are the most effective for weight loss.

Apart from aiding in weight loss, the product is claimed to enhance and strengthen collagen tissues. As a result, the skin grows radiant while the nails grow stronger and beautiful.

The omega 7 compound that the company claims to use, is said to be the latest compound that scientist are researching and some many more benefits have been found associating to its use.

It is however not very clear if these effects can take place on human bodies because the Palmitoleic acid laboratory test was only done on rats and not on humans. There is no guarantee that it will work on humans.

Besides, some people may react negatively to Omega-7. The facts presented in this review are a good eye opener to know what you will expect after purchasing this supplement.


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