Zilis Ultra Burn Review


Zilis Ultra Burn suppresses appetite, fires up a individual metabolism and lowers sugar craving leading to effective weight loss.

What is Zilis Ultra Burn?

Zilis Ultra Burn is a Hemp-derived but non-CBD weight loss supplement that fires up a person’s metabolism using purely natural ingredients that support healthy weight loss. As touted by the manufacturer, it also gives you back full control over your eating habits by suppressing your appetite.

The supplement is formulated from Zilis’ full spectrum complex of cannabimimetic and other ingredients that are associated with the ability to help revive a person’s metabolism and spiced up with cinnamon to improve its taste and ease of use. Like how other closely related products promise, users of Ultra Burn should expect to get a feeling of positivity and permanent results in their weight loss efforts.

Zilis Ultra Burn Ingredients and Why it Matters?

Most CBD weight loss product fail to explain exactly the main components that make them unique from the rest but it seems this formula is changing that. The manufacturer, Zillis, points out that they use their in-house developed ingredients, the main one being MimetrixTM, which in the definition is a proprietary blend of several key ingredients including CBD. So this and other ingredients in the product are said to collectively work towards helping the user burn calories much quicker. The detailed list of these ingredients is as below:

  • Green Coffee Extract [1] – touted as a weight loss standalone supplement on some media, this ingredient is believed to have antioxidant properties that help it to impact weight loss, as well as lower blood pressure.


  • Garcinia – said to contain hydroxycitric acid shortened to HCA that has the ability to suppress appetite; also shown to hinder the formation of new fat cells in the body by some studies.


  • Phenylethylamine [2] – commonly taken to improve athletic performance, said to impact weight loss and may improve attention and mood for some people.


  • Turmeric Rood Extract– considered to be a strong anti-inflammatory and that it may provide healing properties during weight loss.


  • Chromium[3] – found in many weight loss support products for its ability to control fat storage, enhance insulin and metabolism.


  • Ginger Rood Extract – packed with minerals such as magnesium and amino acids that some findings indicate can prevent obesity.


Zilis Ultra Burn Review – Does it Really Work?

Ultra Burn takes the approach of accelerating the user’s rate of metabolism, which gets triggered by MimetixTM Zilli’s proprietary blend of ingredients. The manufacturer highlights that this compound impacts a person’s Endocannabinoid System.

It revives metabolism that then makes the body lose more fat within a short amount of time, suppresses food cravings, and supports the conversion of sugar to ready energy quickly which all promote weight loss.

What are the Pros of Zilis Ultra Burn?

  • It safely and effectively suppresses appetite and lowers sugar cravings
  • May fire up a person’s metabolism leading to active weight loss
  • It is totally natural and therefore likely safer than most diet pills
  • It offers the user more energy for an active lifestyle.

What are the Cons of Zilis Ultra Burn?

  • People who dislike cinnamon’s taste or react to it may not like it.
  • It’s not a popular product and not many people have so far shared their experience with it.
  • Some users may experience bloating and digestive discomfort.
  • The caffeine content in the product may be a red flag to people with sleeping problems or those get negatively side effects with caffeine.


How Much does Zilis Ultra Burn Cost?

Retailer websites sell the product at $69.99, but the producer’s website is yet to restock it, they say it is sold out.

How should you take Zilis Ultra Burn?

The actual dosage is 1ml two times per day, taken right before a meal. The formula comes in syrup form so shake well before use.

Who should Avoid taking this Diet Pill?

Although not mentioned in particular, but people who are allergic to caffeine, react negatively with chromium or have seen a bad reaction with of the ingredient in this product should not use it without checking up with their doctor. The product may interact with other medications or other dietary supplements so don’t use it in case you are under any of these, unless with your doctors advise.

Should You Buy Zilis Ultra Burn?

In case a strict exercise program or dieting is not your cup of tea, and still want to experience weight loss, this product is likely to put you in the right direction. So yes, although it’s not a magical diet pill you can try it to see how it goes.

Zilis Ultra Burn Review – The Bottom Line

This product has several unique benefits that may make it suitable for weight loss. First, it seems to work with little dependency on a strict diet program of exercise which may sound impressive to most people, plus it is also completely natural which means you are more likely to witness lesser or much temporal side effects.

Besides that, it promises to deliver its promise by initiating metabolism naturally, that it is by sending the necessary signal to the Endocannabinoid System. This as explained, speeds up the combustion of fats, transforms sugar quickly to usable energy and downplays a person’s appetite.

However like with most other diet pills, there are a few drawbacks that can hardly be separated from this product as at now. One it has caffeine content which may worsen sleeping problems, one of its ingredients by the name xanthan gum can cause digestive issues on some people and folks don’t cinnamon’s taste may not be happy with the product.

Another key concern is that people who are already enrolled on another supplement regimen or are under medication could be at risk if they use it because the ingredients used are likely to cause a reaction with some medications.

Well, it takes some effort to find a perfect weight loss product in today’s market but that does not mean it is too hard.


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