New Alpha Rock Hard Formula Reviews: Truth Revealed!!!

What is New Alpha Rock Hard Formula?

It is a supplement that increases your testosterone levels as a man. This supplement is sure to give you hard rock penile erections, thrusts your virility and empowers you to stay on longer in bed.

The new Alpha ensures that you have prolonged erections that could take you up to 30 minutes during a single session.

The testosterone supplement is a great way to bring back your enthusiasm in bed and please your partner to the fullest.

As if all these benefits were not enough, the formula also has other advantages that are non-sexual.

New Alpha Rock Hard review

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It will boost your immunity, help you detox your liver, improve the appearance of your hair and nails, increase your dental health and improve your strength as a man. What more could a man want?

Now let us dig deeper into this New Alpha Rock Formula, to see the brains and company behind it, the ingredients, the claims and our thoughts concerning its effectiveness.

How Did The New Alpha Rock Hard Formulation Came to Existence?

The new Alpha rock hard formula was found and manufactured by a renowned sex and relationship expert, A. Armstrong, and herbalist expert Elwin Robinson.

The way this formulation came to existence was somewhat unplanned because all that Armstrong was after is just trying to get around his male problems and seeing that nothing worked, his friend asked him to try a concoction made of African herbs, which they later developed to become this product.

They say it a problem solving oriented product that followed after they discovered about the power the herbs, and how the concoction had brought into his sex life a new down, so he decided to let all other men know about it.

Armstrong and his friend decided to mix the herb with other super eastern herbs and make a formula that all other men could use and enjoy.

After months of research, the two men came up with the ‘man’s tea new alpha rock hard formula’. The formula has been manufactured and aimed at giving men longer harder erection with mind-blowing shots.

Actual Claims Made by New Alpha Rock Hard Formula – Is this the Real Deal in the Male Enhancement World?

This testosterone supplement is directed towards giving men the most wanted experiences in bed. The fact is that most men these days have very little sexual energy, something that becomes very embarrassing to most of them. Some men are unable to have erections easily, stay hard and have amazing sex with their women.

This supplement has been manufactured to bring back the sexual energy or ‘mojo’ as some may love to call it. This formula gives you a hard erection, the ones that make the veins bulge out.

Erections that are able to stay hard for 30 minutes or more during a single shot. The formula also ensures that you have top-notch energy so that you have strong thrusts during intercourse.

Apart from the sexual benefits, this supplement can help you detox your liver, especially if you take alcohol and processed foods. It is also able to re-energize your body and also boost your immunity.

In addition, you can be sure that this formula will improve your appearance since it will make your hair, nails and skin look wonderful. To boost your confidence, even more, the product also ensures that your dental health will be taken care of and improve your breath.

New Alpha Rock Hard Ingredients – Do they Really Deliver the Promise?

Of cause, when looking at any male performance booster supplement, the place to begin is always on the ingredients used.

You also need to check to see whether each of the featured ingredients has been through lab research (and just to mention, such information should come from authority sources like the NCBI website, university websites or established websites like the WebMD.

Now from the producer’s claims, the ingredients that are used to manufacture this product are naturally obtained from plants and fruits. Below we just mention the ingredients as presented in short list form:

  1. Nettle Root, He Show Wu, Salvia Root, Morinda Root, Eucommia Bark, Goji Berry, Horney Goat Extract.
  1. Other Suspected, although not mentioned ingredients include:
  • Vitex agnus castus – this is an ingredient that is obtained from a plant. It enhances, boosts and improves hormonal health.
  • L-arginine – this ingredients ensures that blood circulation is improved all over the body.
  • Forskolin carbonate – it helps users lose weight, maintain the weight and manage it.
  • Malaysian Eurycoma – it improves the potency of the user and boosts sexual health.
  • Eleuthero – helps improve immunity, cognitive health and also respiratory health.

The actual Strengths of New Alpha Rock Hard Formula Include:

  • This products brings about stronger harder and longer erections.
  • Some people may find that they body is becoming more resistance to health issues they used to battle with after using this product for long.
  • Said to also provide continuous body cleansing properties if used long.
  • Some users claim to have experienced increased body energy for other tasks, like they are now able to work longer at the gym.
  • May probably increase semen amount when ejaculating

The actual Weaknesses of New Alpha Rock Hard Formula Include:

  • It definitely a not so popular product because popular retailers don’t stock it.
  • There is no clear mention of the ingredients by other sources.
  • It uses standard ingredients so we can specifically say this product is anything so unique in the market.
  • There could be better alternatives that are better established in the market.


Dosage: How to take the New Alpha Rock Hard Formula?

It is recommended that you should take no more than 4 measures of teaspoons per day. The supplement should be mixed with warm water or your favorite drink.

How Much Exactly Does New Alpha Rock Hard Cost?

  • The trial pack: $97
  • 1month supply: $147
  • 3months supply: $441, its trial version: $217

What is their Exchange and Return Policy?

The manufacturers of this product give full money back guarantee with each bottle you buy. The exchange policy is not clearly stated.

Do they Offer a Free Trial?

The type of trial that the New Alpha are not really that free. There are membership plans on this product and the ‘platinum customer club’ seems to be the best because of the super low prices.

Signing up as a platinum member is free by simply purchasing a three month supply at $217. Non-Members get a single bottle at $147 so to sign up as a platinum member is better.

New Alpha Hard Rock Review – Our Final and Conclusive Thoughts  

The manufacturers of this product are Elwin Robinson and Adam Armstrong. These manufacturers claim to have found about the product after Elwin Robinson, an expert herbalist, recommended a herbal to Adam Armstrong and it worked miraculously. They later decided to make a formula that would help other men as it had helped Adam.

So after careful research, they came up with the man’s tea new alpha hard rock. This supplement has so many benefits, including giving you a hard, long and strong erections. This testosterone supplement also has other non-sexual benefits like improving the immunity of the user, detoxifying the liver and re-energizing.

In addition, you can be sure that this formula will improve your appearance since it will make your hair, nails and skin look younger. To boost your confidence, even more, the product also ensures that your dental health will be taken care of and improve your breath.

The supplement, however, can only be found online, which is one of a disadvantage on their availability, but apart from this, the product is good and works well.

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  1. i am a dialyais patient are there restriction or side effect if i use hard rock formula?

    • Hello there. Kindly note that this product is not recommended for people with such a health condition.

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