Performer 8 Vs VigrX Plus – Which is Best?

Both Performer 8 and VigrX Plus are formulated to help men who have erectile dysfunction to have consistent stability in sexual life as well as performance.

In addition, both products aim at making men achieve their sexual desire, be confident, and feel comfortable.

Performer 8

Performer 8 is among the well-known products on the internet. This can be testified by good reviews and comments given by its customers.

It helps men who are struggling with ED by providing them with stamina for good sexual life. In addition, it gives them more energy and stability.

Performer 8 is among the safest alternatives since it does not cause any side effects to its customers. Besides, its compounds are gluten-free, clean, as well as vegan which no other men enhancement pills offer.

Let’s check in detail the cons and pros high lightened after doing some research and cross-checking the customer reviews/comments to enable you to choose the best product.

CONS – Performer 8 PROS – Performer 8
 Only available online Organic compounds
 It is not effective for men under medication It’s gluten-free and vegan
 You get noticeable results after 30 days It provides  harder erections
Causes mild side effects


VigrX Plus

VigrX Plus is among the best male enhancement pills. The key function of using VigrX is to promote stronger orgasms, enhance self-confidence during sexual intercourse, and boost energy. Its organic compounds are scientifically proven to help its customers to adjust to treatment easily and get quick results.

VigrX Plus has a price bundle that helps its users to have easy access to treatment. You can purchase virgrX Plus from third–party retailers online, an official online store, as well as some supplements (physical stores).

VigrX has both cons and pros like any other product in the market. After doing some research, and cross-checking customer reviews and comments we did a general overview of VigrX to give you the information you might need before shopping. Below we have highlighted the cons and pros of VirgrX Plus.

CONS – Virgx Plus PROS – Virgx Plus
Sometimes you can just access it online Provides good ejaculation control
It might cause some unwanted  effects It offers a money-back-guarantee of 2 months
Formulated using 100% organic compounds
Provides long-term erections


Which one is most effective  Performer 8 or VigrX Plus?

Both Performer 8 and VigrX Plus are the top supplements on the market. Both have similar performance and purposes. However, the treatment, benefits, and components differ depending on the user of the supplement. Let’s read the whole article to know the potential side effects, the benefits of consuming the recommended dosage, the product’s benefits from its components, and why it’s essential. You will choose the best product between Performer 8 and VigrX Plus depending on their customer reviews and research.

Which supplement has good compounds?

Both Performer and VigrX Plus have similar components but they only differ in that each constituent plays a different role.  Performer 8 is among the products that have a lot of compounds that are said to be clean. Performer 8 is gluten-free and vegan. Its compounds are proven to improve blood circulation, provide sexual satisfaction, and enhance better erections. VigrX Plus is popular for its 100% organic compounds, it does not cause undesired side effects, and does not lead to negative effects on other organs.


Below is full list of compounds for every supplement.

 VigrX Plus   Performer 8
 Extracts of Muira Pauma bark –improve libido loss  Horny goat weed- improve your libido
 Saw palmetto –improves testosterone levels  Pine bark extract- enhances sexual satisfaction
 Catuaba bark extract –enhances your libido  KSM-66- enhances levels of testosterone
  Damiana –enhances nerve impulse and blood flow  Grape seed extract- enhances blood flow
 Hawthorn berry – enhances blood flow  Panax ginseng- enhances  erections
Maca root extract- aphrodisiac
Glucuronolactone – protects blood vessels
Ferrous bis-glycinate –support erections
Muira Pauma –enhances blood circulation


After analyzing the compounds present in both supplements we can conclude that Performer 8 has good compound performance. Both supplements use clean components to satisfy their customer’s needs. After considering comments/online reviews  8 of Performer, customers claimed to get sexual satisfaction, better stamina, and stronger orgasms. Besides, we analyzed both supplements on their side effects and customers of Performance 8 claimed that they did not experience any unwanted effects.

However, after testing and doing research for both Performer 8 and Vigrx Plus we believed that Performer 8 has a vegan effect, it’s natural and is most effective compared to Vigrx Plus. In addition, Performance 8 uses good quality compounds.


Customer Support/ Reviews

Both Performance 8 and VirgrX have good support on their manufacturers’ websites. Customers respond through a phone call, online chat, and email depending on where they feel comfortable when talking to their brand representative.

Performer 8 has good comments online as well as reviews but this product lacks a physical store so many customers may fail to make a good connection (with the brand). VigrX Plus received a positive rating online as well as in-store review from its customers. They receive customer feedback to make sure their users are satisfied with the product.

After analyzing different reviews and comments on both supplements we concluded that VigrX Plus has good loyalty and customer interaction compared to Performer 8. In addition, VigrX Plus has good customer follow-up, customer analysis, and a perfect review experience


The Side Effects for VigrX Plus and Performer 8

After reviewing the components that might cause unwanted side effects for both Performer 8 and VigrX Plus we agreed that both products might have various results. It’s advisable to stop taking the pills immediately if you see unwanted effects and consult your doctor if necessary. The list below shows online reviews from different customers regarding potential side effects caused by both products.


 VigrX Plus  Performer 8
  Might lead to mild and light headaches Might cause possible allergies
May lead to allergy issues


Both products might lead to mild side effects. VigrX Plus has an additional undesired effect but it’s mild or rare.  Almost no customer of Performer 8 indicated any form of side effects. After comparing and reviewing we believed that VigrX Plus is the most effective in terms of no side effects compared to Performer 8.


Before taking any product it’s good to seek medical attention first.


Performance: VigrX Plus Vs Performer 8

A product is said to be successful if it meets customers’ needs. Both VigrX Plus and Performer 8 are said to have good performance and positive customer ratings.

Online customers for Performer 8 claim to receive consistent and fast results after using this product. Besides, performer 8 uses potent compounds like horny goat weed and maca root to enhance their positive performance. After comparing VigrX Plus and Performer 8 functions and performance for every product we believe that Performer 8 has good performance for many men compared to VigrX Plus. However, Performer 8 provides a good journey and positive effects during treatment.

Between VigrX and Performer 8 Which One works Best?

Both Performer 8 and VigrX Plus products aim at making comfortable and functional men enhancement treatments that will satisfy their customers by helping their ED symptoms like stamina, stronger erections, and sex drive (loss).

Performer 8 uses clean compounds like a small percentage of (KSM66), maca root extract, and grape seed extract that help to improve your testosterone levels. The blend of both synthetics and organic components is suitable for males above 35 years. They help them to get better stimulation, stronger erections, and stronger orgasms.

VigrX Plus uses clean components like saw palmetto, Catuaba bark extract, and hawthorn berry. The blend of these ingredients is suitable for men above 21 years and it helps them to get positive outcomes.

After comparing VigrX Plus and Performer 8 components, their health benefits, and their performance we concluded that VirgrX Plus is the best choice compared to Performer 8.


What Makes VigrX Plus Most Effective?

Both Performer 8 and VigrX Plus are effective since they don’t cause side effects. They include potent compounds and enhance good performance.

After analyzing and investigating information from both reviews and consumers we concluded that VigrX Plus is the most effective.

VigrX Plus uses clean components and it’s among the best men’s enhancement pills products. In addition, VigrX Plus is claimed to be the best since it produces high-quality products and provides the most positive organic outcomes.

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