Aquaphor Vs Vaseline and their Reviews – Which Works Best?

This are two popular brands that produce petroleum jelly-based products. The two products are used as the go-to skin care solution for chapped lips, chafed skin, rashes, small injuries to the skin, and minor skin issues such as rosacea and psoriasis.

While they may be used similarly, so are aquaphor and vaseline the same? Ideally, these two ointments are not the same. Now, let’s find out which is better.

Who makes Aquaphor?

Aquaphor is an over-the-counter skin ointment that is manufactured by Beiersdorf Inc. The brand has been in use in the United States for over 90 years.

The manufacturer provides this product in four product ranges. There is the Aquaphor Original Ointment, Aquaphor Therapy Healing Ointment, Aquaphor Lip Repair and Lip Repair + Protect SPF 30, and Aquaphor Baby.

Who makes Vaseline?

Vaseline is an American brand that produces petroleum jelly-based products. It is owned by the British-Dutch company Unilever.

The company manufactures an array of products including cleansers, deodorants, lotions, skin creams, and soaps. Vaseline has been around for over 140 years.

How Aquaphor Works

Aquaphor is a blend of petroleum jelly and other ingredients such as mineral oil and glycerin. It is touted as an ointment for minor cuts, scrapes, chapped lips, dry and cracked skin, and diaper rashes.

When applied, on broken, irritated, or injured skin, Aquaphor forms a breathable barrier over the wound keeping it moisturized throughout the healing process.

Since the barrier created is semi-occlusive, it also allows the outflow of excess fluid.

How Vaseline Works

Vaseline is formulated with 100 percent petroleum jelly and contains no water. Unlike Aquaphor, Vaseline is an occlusive thus it works by trapping moisture onto the wound and protects injured skin from becoming irritated.

Thanks to its quality protective barrier, Vaseline is great for healing cuts and scrapes, chapped lips, rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema among others.

Aquaphor vs Vaseline Ingredient Comparison

Are aquaphor and vaseline the same? No, these two ointments are not the same based on the different ingredients used to formulate them. Ingredients present in Aquaphor include;

  • Petroleum jelly– this ingredient is considered to be occlusive which blocks transcutaneous water loss thus trapping under the skin’s surface. According to the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology, petrolatum accelerates barrier recovery.


  • Ceresin– this is a wax extracted from ozokerite which is a natural fossil wax derived from coal and shale. In a study by Dermatology Research and Practice, a moisturizer containing petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffin, and ceresin was found to improve dry skin barrier.


  • Lanolin alcohol– this ingredient is extracted from animal skin. In a comparative study in the Journal of Caring Sciences, lanolin was discovered to have tremendous benefits to sore nipples. It works by penetrating the skin and facilitating the absorption of medicine.


  • Panthenol– this ingredient is a chemical substance that is derived from pantothenic acid (vitamin B-5). According to the Journal of Cosmetic Science, different concentrations of panthenol were evaluated to analyze their skin moisturizing effects. The study concluded that panthenol helped to maintain skin integrity.


  • Bisabolol– this is a naturally occurring alcohol that is used in many cosmetic formulations. It is mainly used as a conditioning agent according to the Cosmetic Ingredient Review.

Vaseline ingredients include;

  • Petroleum jelly– petroleum jelly or petrolatum is commonly used as moisturizer which is important in the prevention of skin infections and a management ointment for atopic dermatitis (AD) according to the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

Customer Reviews for Aquaphor vs Vaseline



Aquaphor Customer Feedback


Vaseline Customer Feedback
My Secret Weapon for “Tight Looking Eyelids”


This looks like Vaseline but far from it! Aquaphor is the best “any” body part ointment on the planet! It works wonders on dry, super, or extremely dry face, hands, legs, and feet. The best part, it’s absorbent unlike Vaseline that just lies on top of the skin….


Cindy A.


It for My Face



I’ve had dry skin all my life and I can load my face 10 times a day with creams and oils but it won’t hold. Before long I am dry. I often use Vaseline as a night cream….





Like Vaseline on the Skin!!!


I only gave it a 3 star because I don’t like the feel on my skin it is too sticky and thick and hard to absorb on the skin. However, if it weren’t for this, I would give it a 5 star, it does improve your skin almost immediately….


Beverly Morrison


Has Petroleum Smell


The petroleum smell sucks. So unable to use on lips. On lips it does not give a give a good shine.






Our Verdict: Which is Better Aquaphor or Vaseline?

When it comes to assessing which of the two ointments is better, we have to evaluate them regarding their various uses, including;

Aquaphor vs Vaseline for Wound Healing

Both Aquaphor and Vaseline are good ointments for wound healing. However, the presence of lanolin in Aquaphor could result in redness and swelling which is not the case for Vaseline. If you have any allergic reactions to the ingredients in Aquaphor, Vaseline offers a better and safer alternative.

Aquaphor vs Vaseline for Diaper Rash

If you are wondering, is Aquaphor good for diaper rash, the answer is yes. Aquaphor has multiple ingredients making it more versatile than Vaseline. Therefore, it is more suitable for raw diaper rashes, scrapes, and cuts. On its part, Vaseline is more effective in providing a protective barrier on baby skin.

Aquaphor vs Vaseline for Tattoo

When it comes to aquaphor vs vaseline tattoo, aquaphor takes the lead as it is recommended due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Vaseline on the other hand, is not recommended because it may block air from reaching the tattoo which is required for healing. Once the tattoo is healed, switching to a water-based and fragrance-free lotion is recommended.

Aquaphor vs Vaseline for Lips

Both Aquaphor and Vaseline are effective on the lips as they can restore moisture to dry lips. Vaseline has other products that specifically target dry lips that are formulated with moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera and cocoa butter.

Aquaphor vs Vaseline for eczema

While both Aquaphor and Vaseline can work effectively for eczema, Vaseline works better than its counterpart because it causes no irritation.

Aquaphor may cause irritation due to lanolin allergy and as such may not be a suitable eczema management therapy. However, if you are not allergic to lanolin, aquaphor may work just fine.

Petrolatum present in both ointments helps to prevent eczema symptoms such as dryness, flaking, itching, and redness.


Aquaphor and Vaseline have been in use for centuries because of their effectiveness in skincare. While they both work effectively, they differ in their actions and have different strengths and weaknesses.

When it comes to tattoo for instance, Aquaphor works best but in wound healing, Vaseline is better as it causes no irritation afterwards. In this regard, you can stock either ointment depending on which skin issue you want to correct.

Although both ointments are safe, you may want to steer clear of Aquaphor if you have lanolin allergy which causes irritation that resembles mild contact dermatitis.

To find out more about how these two ointments work, you can check out aquaphor vs vaseline reddit for more insight from users who share their preferences.

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