Nivea Creme VS Nivea Soft and their Reviews – Back-to-Back Comparison

Nivea creme and Nivea soft are two types of lotion from the Nivea brand. Both of these products are to a notable extent popular in the market, and easy to get a hold of them.

Now, what is the difference between these two seemingly similar products?

The company in particular points out that Nivea cream and soft lotion are both effective moisturizers for the face and body. However, Nivea soft is basically designed to offer more intense hydration to the skin.

You may want to also compare Aquaphor and Vaseline.

Below is detailed table that compares Nivea Cream and Nivea Soft back-to-back, their ingredients and how each works for better understanding:

What is Nivea Cream? What is Nivea Soft?
Nivea Creme is a rich moisturizing cream that is easy to apply, according to its producer. It is designed to help offer daily skin protection against elements like UV rays and fluctuating temperatures. It may nourish the skin and that it works for all skin types. NIVEA Soft was designed to particularly offer all-day intense moisturizing to the skin. It is for people who want a non-greasy formulation and lighter feel on the skin. This product also offers a refreshing and invigorating feel that keeps the skin supple and soft.
Nivea Cream Ingredients: Nivea Soft Ingredients:
  1. Glycerin – The moisturizing benefits in this ingredient has made a common component in skin care product. The Clinical Cosmetic Investigation Dermatology shares that 5% glycerin together with other components was used to make a successful skin hydration solution.
  2. Citric Acid – This ingredient helps rejuvenate damaged skin. In particular, it may improve sunburn as it helps thicken the epidermal layer according to Dermatologic Surgery.

Other key ingredients: Paraffinum, Liquidum, Linalool, Parfum, Panthenol, Geraniol


  1. Vitamin E – This vitamin is particularly considered in skin maintenance because of its strong antioxidant properties. The Indian Dermatology Online Journal shares in-depth review article that examined Vitamin E in dermatology.
  2. Jojoba Oil – In addition to skincare, this oil ingredient may offer anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin. A review shared in the National Library of Medicine adds that jojoba plant offers other skin benefits like it may help slow aging as well as prevent against infections.

Other Key Ingredients: Butylene Glycol, Chinensis Seed Oil, Water, Glycerin


How Nivea Cream Works How Nivea Soft Works
Nivea crème has a combination of Ingredients to support the hydration of your skin. The unique formula of Nivea crème care blends in quickly and easily. It forms a protective barrier after just a few minutes, creating a gentle cushion for your skin, leaving it soft to the touch. Its light texture absorbs quickly – it’s not sticky or greasy at all – and is kind to even the most sensitive skin. Plus, it lasts all day long.


Nivea soft is supposedly the first product that combines the power of Nivea hand cream with silky-soft body milk. Its moisturizing formula not only contains jojoba oil for intense nourishment but also supposedly provides long-lasting moisture so your skin feels softer for longer.




The Advantages of Nivea Cream The Advantages of Nivea Soft
  • It is said to improve moisture content on skin
  • May improve skin protection
  • Claimed to support skin needs
  • It is supposedly dermatology supported
  • Said to best for intense moisturization
  • Claims to leave the skin suppler and soft
  • It may help refresh the skin
  • Claims to work well on all skin types
The Disadvantages of Nivea Cream The Disadvantages of Nivea Soft
  • May not work the same for everybody
  • Seems old model
  • May not heal skin blemishes
  • Has many alternatives
Summary About Nivea Cream Summary About Nivea Soft
Nivea crème is a skin cream for adults. It is specially formulated to take care of dry skin on the face, hands, and body. The Nivea crème formula consists of first-class ingredients that help moisturize the skin, keep it smooth, and improve its quality. It contains smoothing agents, lubricants, and softeners that make your skins silky soft again.



Nivea soft moisturizes intensely and lasts long, according to its producer. It combines some ingredients of natural origin with the latest scientific findings Nivea soft regains up to 20% of skin moisture. The light, velvety texture allows for easy absorption, leaving skin feeling dry and refreshed for 24 hours.  The delicately scented fragrance provides a sensual feeling all day long, according to its producer.



Have you ever been trying to find a new moisturizer, but don’t know what to get? Do you like Nivea creme, or is Nivea soft better for you?

If you have oily skin and getting pimples, the popular opinion is that creams are not a good option. The best natural skin moisturizer for your skin should be oil-based products in my opinion.

Oils are much better than any cream because they can lock humidity into your skin and hydrate it better than a cream that only covers the top layer of the skin.

However, the results often depend upon one’s skin type and requirements.  In other words, if you are looking to adopt any of these skincare products, ensure to try out one product at a time for at least about a month and see what works for you.

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