Cheaper Alternatives to Relief Factor: No.1 is the Most Used!

Joint pain has become common to people of all ages nowadays. Whether it is due to a disease, poor diet, poor posture, nature of your work, joint pain relief supplements are becoming a necessity.

Altering your lifestyle through healthy diets and exercising can help manage body pains and keeping fit altogether, at times it may not be enough.

To help the thousands of people suffering from joint issues, dietary supplement manufacturers came up with formulations, which they claim can help if used as directed.

All these supplements for joint pain and stiffness pride of using ingredients that play a part in preventing inflammation and promoting instant relief, but some can be very expensive, for instance Relief Factor, though it is the best, many people consider it very expensive.

Yes, there are many alternatives users can choose from and in this post, we are going to quickly review the most well rated cheaper alternatives to Relief Factor; these include:

  1. Instaflex Advanced Joint Support


This supplement is claimed to be doctor-formulated and is designed for adults with joint issues.

Instaflex Advanced Joint Support claims to offer the top alternative to Relief Factor as it relieves discomfort and improves stiffness within 7 days.

The supplement is in the form of capsules that is to be taken one per day (30 capsules in total).

Instaflex features the UC-II collagen which enhances its effectiveness. The product is also cheaper than Relief Factor as it goes for $55.40 at retail price and can be shipped to various countries by various sellers. (Quick note: relief factor costs 93.95).

The active ingredients in Instaflex Advanced are turmeric root extract 200mg, Resveratrol 100mg, and ApresFlex 100mg.

Turmeric root extract [1] contains curcumin (important chemical) that relieves pain, stiffness as well as inflammation caused by both Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. Additionally, resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant that has amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

ApresFlex is extracted from Boswellia and its function is to halt inflammation that causes joint pain through stopping the production of the inflammation enzymes. Joint pain is thus soothed while the function and mobility are improved.

Other than that, Instaflex Advanced Joint Support does not mention any side effects when used thus it can be used by all.

  1. CurcuminRich

    Source: Naturalfactors

CurcuminRich is a dietary supplement that is manufactured for the purpose of supporting joint and vascular health. The formula is packed with natural ingredients that are both effective and absorbable.

With organic ingredients, and as a cheaper alternative to Relief Factor, consumers purportedly stand a chance to benefit even more without having fears of the side effects that may be caused by synthetic compounds.

CircuminRich is effective for joints such as elbows and knees through managing inflammation.

The active ingredient in CurcuminRich is theracurmin, which is an extract of turmeric. Turmeric is widely known for its use in reducing inflammation naturally. Unlike curcumin, theracurmin is soluble and when absorbed in the body it supports the inflammatory response.

This bioavailable form of curcumin works through reducing the particle size of curcumin which makes it soluble.

With proper absorption, inflammation is well managed and circulation is boosted hence improving heart health in the process. Using CurcuminRich, therefore, helps consumers twofold; achieving healthy joints and heart.

  1. CurcuWell

    Source: LiveWell

CurcuWell is a joint supplement by LiveWell Labs Nutrition manufactured for strengthening and supporting the joints.

Like most supplements, this product contains curcumin (from turmeric) and Boswellia.

The good thing about this supplement is that it serves patients who are; dairy intolerant, anti-GMO and those that cannot consume gluten and soy. Anyone with allergic issues may opt for this supplement.

Curcumin which is the key chemical found in turmeric is efficient in pain relieving, inflammation reduction as well as enhancing mobility in stiff joints.

More to CurcuWell ingredients: Boswellia blend included in the formula also helps to reduce inflammation by stopping the production of the enzymes that cause inflammation.

In addition to these two, Bioperine is used to achieve maximum bioavailability which is key for the supplement to work effectively.

The product goes for $29.99 at retail price (so compared to relief factor you’ll be able to save 93.95 – 29.99 = $63.96. According to retailer websites, when you buy two of the supplements you get to save 5%, buying three saves you 15% and finally buying six or more helps you save 20%.



This supplement helps in enhancing mobility, improving overall joint health and reducing inflammation.

SYNOVIA is formulated by seven ingredients that all have the capacity to reduce joint issues. Some of the ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties that stimulate the production of cartilage.

Cartilage which is a flexible tissue found mostly between bones tends to wear with time which necessitates the use of dietary supplements such as this one. The supplement works best in protecting the cartilage and enhances repair and healing of the joint issues.

SYNOVIA as an alternative to relief factor works for joint stiffness, injuries caused by sports activities and mobility problems such as inability to climb stairs.

Now the two ingredients in SYNOVIA are glucosamine sulfate (1500mg) and methylsulfonylmethane (450mg).

Glucosamine sulfate is effective in relieving pain and loss caused by osteoarthritis while methylsulfonylmethane reduces inflammation, relieves pain and boosts immunity.

This dietary supplement is claimed to show significant progress by the fourth week as estimated by the producers. It’s a relief for arthritis and is effective for back, hand, knee and neck pains. It costs $39.00 retail price.

  1. Nutracraft Flexiaid

    Source: Nutracraft

Just like the name suggests, this dietary supplement is intended for enhancing mobility and flexibility of joints, and most users find it as a good alternative to expensive pain supplements.

It is claimed to be an all-natural product that has only natural ingredients that work together to achieve pain relief and anti-inflammatory support.

The product works through metabolizing damaged proteins that form due to overextension and minor pains. When metabolism picks up, circulation is also enhanced thus boosting overall body health. It is not only said to support the joints but also the muscles and nerves.

Now Nutracraft Flexiaid ingredients include; serrapeptase, white willow bark, and ginger root extract. The serrapeptase is a natural pain reliever that works on muscle and joint pain.

White willow bark contains salicin which works similar to aspirin thus relieving pain and reducing inflammation. Lastly, the ginger root extract also works to decrease joint pain and reduce swelling in people with arthritis 2.

Since the ingredients used are all natural, the manufacturer claims that there are no side effects that may result while using the product. To guarantee satisfaction, the product has a money back policy and it is generally a cheaper alternative.

Conclusion for Cheaper alternatives to Relief Factor

There you have it, all five products that promise quick relief for joint pain. All the products have unique ingredients and different working actions. However, Instaflex Advanced proves to have an advantage over its counterparts, both according to the manufacturer and user feedbacks.

It is claimed to be doctor formulated and has all the common ingredients in the right measures that most high rated joint pain relievers listed in their own list of constituents.

What may draw people to it is its promise of instant relief, when used regularly for five days, but a considerable number of customers reports point out some users saw improvements even earlier (under four days of daily use).

Besides that, Instaflex Advanced may also be a reasonably cheap alternative for people who are sensitive to glucosamine supplements as it does not contain the ingredient, according to its producer.

Instaflex Advanced review

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