HempMy Pet Tincture Review – How Effective Is It?

HempMy Pet Tincture What is it?

HempMy Pet Tincture is a human-grade CBD supplement for pets that have been manufactured from organically grown Colorado Hemp. The tincture comes packed in a 250mg full spectrum CBD hemp bottle, which the manufacturer purports is recommended by veterinarians for healthy joints, allergies, inflammation, anxiety and certain forms of pet epilepsy, according to the manufacturer.

Like in humans, CBD oil products have been seen to work for dogs and cats to help manage various ailments. The manufacturer of HempMy Pet Tincture purports that this product reduces occurrences of seizures, reduce inflammation and joint pains to aid mobility in older pets, helps to manage anxiety, plus many other benefits, like other pet CBD stuff.

Who Produces HempMy Pet Tincture?

HempMy Pet is the company behind the production of this so-called natural hemp infused pet product. They claim that despite the fact they specialize in pet products, they don’t make anything which they cannot consume themselves as humans.

One other thing is that their hemp is purely organic and it is grown with no pesticides, nor do they include any type of chemical in their stuff. Their other products include CBD organic dog biscuits and hemp infused coconut oil.

Is HempMy Pet Tincture Effective? How Does it Work?

The stuff claims to have both mental and physical benefits as it works exactly like many CBD products that are meant to be consumed by humans as well.

The tincture gets absorbs into the pet’s blood, is transported to the body’s endocannabinoid system, where it impacts the biological chemicals and mechanism that dictate the pet’s appetite, mood, feeling of pain and so on. The result is that the pet gets that sense of feeling relaxed and happy.

HempMy Pet Tincture Ingredients – Are they Effective?

Looking at many other CBD products, hemp infused supplements have gotten a fair rating going by customer claims. Some products, however, state clearly that the stuff may have unwanted effects to pet if wrongly administered.

Pets that are first time users of cannabinoids need to be acclimatized with little doses of the product. Another pointer that may impact the effectiveness of such CBD products on pets is the aspect of dosage, which needs to be guided by the animal’s weight, because of the strength of ingredients. HempMy Pet Tincture’s ingredients include:

  • Full-spectrum hemp extract – packed with minerals that are essential for nerve function, metabolism, and other bodily functions. A publication in Frontiers in Veterinary Science points out that a component extract from this ingredient may help in managing osteoarthritic dog pain.


  • Vitamins B1, B2, B6 & E – plays a role in the production of body substances such as neurotransmitters and red blood cells. An article in Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research checked in to the anti-inflammatory effect of Vitamin E and found it to have positive impact.


  • Gamma Linolenic Acid – seen to help with conditions such as eczema, high blood pressure, diabetes nerve damage and arthritis. After offering this acid as a supplement to dogs with osteoarthritis, as review in Lipids in Health and Disease found the ingredient component potent in dealing with pain on aging pets.
  • Calcium – essential for bone health, protection against cancer, dental health for your canine
  • Hemp seed oil – strengthen hormonal balance, health, brain health and moisturizes skin.
  • Omegas – said to boost energy that is necessary to enhance old pets’ mobility. In the journal of Veterinary Medicine and Science, a report analyzed omega-3’s effect in long- and short-term supplementation in pets.

What are the Key Benefits of HempMy Pet Tincture?

  • Pet owners may notice increased calmness on their animals after administering
  • Older pets may start being active again after taking the supplement
  • Might help ease arthritis pains
  • May provide a healthy ingredient to supplement your pet food with
  • Vets recommend it for managing skin allergies on dogs, and certain types of epilepsy

What are the Main Disadvantages of HempMy Pet Tincture?

  • Pet owners need to administer dosage exactly according to the pets weight/size
  • It is highly recommended that users seek vets advice if their pet is on other medications.
  • Excessive consumption of this product may cause pets to be lethargic for some time until it metabolizes.
  • Some pets may experience unwanted effects such as incoordination, diarrhea
  • Pet owners need to acclimatize their pets to avoid unwanted effects.


Does HempMy Pet Tincture Give Trials Products?

The manufacturer does not highlight about the free version for this pet CBD product, pet owners, however, may consult with the producer to know if that can be arranged.

How Much Does HempMy Pet Tincture Cost?

A 250mg (or simply 1fl. OZ bottle) sells for around $79.00 on the product’s official page. However, subscribers who want a regular supply save 10% every time the order is sent.

How Should I give HempMy Pet Tincture to My Pet?

Pet owners are advised to, first of all, acclimate their pet to the oil by adding the stuff little by little to the animal’s food for a week. The exact dosage, however, depends on the animal’s weight, as indicated on the label of the product.

Does it Come with a Return Policy?

The return terms for this tincture is not mentioned by the manufacturer on their official website. Perhaps asking the producer, say on phone is a good way to know about this.

HempMy Pet Tincture Review – Final Verdict

Pets have become so dear to us that owners can do almost anything to see their animal healthy and bouncing. That is where CBD supplements for pets find their space. They have been seen to calm pets as well as generally helps to boost the quality of life on older animals, including senior dogs, horses, and cats. The issue with HempMy Pet Tincture is that it is way much expensive than its competition.

Safety is paramount and this extends from how the hemp plant used is grown. Meaning the pesticides and fertilizers need to be tested for safety, which, unfortunately, users don’t have much power to control. The product claims to follow high standard manufacturing regulations that make their products human grade in terms of effectiveness and safety, however first-time pets may suffer diarrhea if they are not acclimatized well to the product.

Besides that, the manufacturer of this product doesn’t clearly explain what should be done in case the stuff cause side effects or doesn’t work on particular breeds of pets. Pet owners are also forced to go weigh their animals, because the supplement is strictly weight specific.

Pet owners have an advantage of being able to choose from a wide variety of CBD products in the market, like the below:



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