CBD Muscle Recovery Balm Reviews – Does it Work?

About CBD Muscle Recovery Balms 

Knowing the actual reasons why your muscles end up fatigued after going through strenuous exercises is as important as getting the right CBD muscle balm. What happens is that during exercise muscles rub against each other and against the surrounding tissues, triggering a condition called by medics Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

As the person continues to work out more, the muscles tear even further and this is often noticed after a feeling of fatigue sets in. Due to that and based on the level of activity on the particular muscle, pain and inflammation are experienced.

From the natural point of view, the body is supposed to respond automatically to the situation (which it actually does), to begin the process of muscle recovery. However, sometimes the response may delay, and that is where severe severe discomfort becomes prominent.

This CBD Muscle Recovery Balm comes in to quicken the whole process of muscle recovery in different ways. After application, its ingredients get absorbed fast through the skin and right away causes a soothing effect on the damaged muscle tissues, while at the same time triggers the body’s natural healing process, again precisely in the target regions.

CBD Muscle balm is made from several ingredients, the major one being cannabidiol, which is basically a compound extracted from hemp seed oil, or from one the compounds of the controversial plant – cannabis sativa. However, to be precise this type of CBD extract is considered legal and completely health for human use as well as consumption through the mouth as it does not cause that high feeling. CBD is extracted from hemp which contains less than 0.03% THC compared to 35% THC from marijuana, THC being the component that causes the high.

More and more tests reports have come up to approve the use of the oil extracted from hemp seed as safe and non-habit forming. Pain relief supplements that are made from this plant are gaining more popularity due to their wide range of benefits including being able to treat the stubborn children epileptic syndrome, cancer, has anti-inflammatory benefits and more.

Why Speeding up Recovery using is a CBD Muscle Balm is Important

Effective muscle building works when the body is able to recover fast from the tissue damage that occurs during strenuous exercise or heavy training sessions. Different researches agree that muscle needs between 24 and 48 hours to fully rebuild after training.

However, professional athletes have come to agree on one thing, that leaving the body to decide on the speed it should recover with may hinder fast muscle growth, because that may happen much slow. Fatigued muscles need to be left to rest completely to adjust to the stretch and that takes time. However, products like the CBD Muscles Recovery Balm claim to come in to quicken the whole process so that you are able to return to the training in the shortest time possible.

How to Know you Need a CBD Balm

For ordinary cases, like if you are an athlete that does a lot of exercises, your body muscles become the prime areas that get strained, stretched and often damaged by the impact of the activities. So to help them recover faster and to avoid losing the motivation due to painful muscles it is always important to have a reliable pain relief product.

The good about CBD Muscle’s line of product, especially the balm, is that they are professionally manufactured and designed to particularly quicken muscle recovery, according to the producer. Now, this is how you tell whether you need a CBD Muscle recovery balm:

  • If you are an athlete and your muscles are exposed to lots of strain and stretch that makes them fatigued.
  • If your nature of work involves a lot of physical activity that leaves you with painful muscles and joints, that your body has a consistent need to recover better, regularly.
  • If you’ve tried relieving your chronic pain with various conventional balms with no or little success.
  • And finally, particularly if all other professional pain relief techniques do not seem to give you the help you need.

The producer, CBD Muscle claims that they use high-quality lab proven techniques to process their CBD based athletic support products and that their products are the leading in terms of performance in the market. Just to mention, their most popular product is the Full Strength 300mg Recovery Balm, followed by 4% CBD+BCAA Formula (also full strength), and others which come as consumable dietary supplements, and all target to enhance athletic performance.

Does this CBD Muscle Balm Require a Prescription?

According to the producer, this CBD Muscle Recovery Balm is a prescription free product and is free to be used as directed. However like other pain relief balms, the product is better suited when used on clean skin because it needs to be absorbed, plus it should be massaged until it is completely absorbed. However, it is not to be used or applied on an open wound or on pricked skin.

Quality Claims by CBD Muscle   

This product is just one among several which the manufacturer claims have undergone a high-quality standard creation process to ensure only necessary and effective ingredients are used. Claims are that all their products undergo independent testing from a third party lab to ensure quality. The company purports to use fully organic full-spectrum CBD that is extracted from the hemp plant that grows 100 percent natural.

The reason for highlighting is that is hemp plants that are grown in a controlled environment end up missing certain important features in their chemical composition which makes the raw product unnatural. The producer simply equates that to artificial production, because it means the plants are not exposed to the harsh environment they are supposed to have their genes expressed by releasing the natural resistance and reliance they need to, by either having their components balanced to survive.

Other claims are that the process used to process their raw ingredients is fully certified and that, again there is always constant and recurrent quality check to ensure the process and the ingredients observe the set quality requirements. The full information on the full process deployed for CBD Muscle products and the ingredients can be checked on “Our Science” section on the official website of this product.

CBD Ointments and Skin type

Most balms that are meant to offer pain relief properties use ingredients that are standard and compatible. Although this particular CBD Muscle Balm aims to help the user’s body recover faster from fatigue and tissue damage, the producer also claims to have considered its impact on the targeted skin areas. However, it is clearly indicated that the balm is not to be used on delicate skin, precisely not for use on the face.

Addition tips to use together with CBD Muscle Balm to Speed up Muscle Recovery

The reason why most people set up goals to train and exercise more but then along the way forfeit their plans or slip back to leaving normal is that they get into it without assistance. There is a lot one needs to understand to survive through the world of exercising, athletics and building muscles.

Not only that, if you live an active life that sometimes causes your muscle to come under fatigue, you need a support system to be able to continue with that lifestyle comfortably and that involves having the right pain relief mechanism in place. Of cause, this involves using the right CBD Muscle Recovery Balm. Plus, to quicken things even more, you can rely on the below tips to speed up your recovery time after exercise:


  • Replace Lost Fluids – During exercise, your body heats up and it is bound to lose a lot of fluid, which in a way means the cells get affected. The body itself alerts you through feeling an abnormal thirst that you need to feel up, and taking in some water after the training is necessary in enhancing the whole process of recovery. Nutrient transfer and all metabolic functions are water depended and that’s the precise reason why it is advised that even if you are using CBD muscle balms to take it. Basically, the work of this balm is to simply quicken the process of recovery which already requires water as the main component for the process to be executed.


  • Avoid Overtraining – With a supportive mechanism, say like in this case we have CBD Muscles products which all claim to support athletics through their training, it is easy to overtrain. In fact, using the balm as a pre-workout supplement can make you overdo things because the exercises become pain-free and the body would likely be feeling good all through. However, the caution is that you need to accept that everything needs to be done within boundaries. That is, define the amount of time you need to spend on each training session with your instructors, that way you would be able to know when you have overstretched your muscles, to stop.


  • Eat Recovery Support Foods – Food is the primary source of energy in our body but also important to note is that you need to eat healthy even when you need it the most. Along with say rubbing some cbd muscle balm on your muscle immediately after the workout, ensure to have some food that comprises of some complex carbs and good protein as these would help you recover much faster. In a bit of details, when there is enough in your system, it means you have enough nutrients, which is the key building component during tissue repair. So in actuality, it means there is a link between how muscles recovery balms work and a well-fed body.


  • Perform Active Recovery – Active recovery involves moving the affected muscles gently to improve blood circulation. This is not meant to be something vigorous like what you did during exercise, the actual concept and theory behind performing active recovery is that it also increases the transfer of nutrients to the most needed areas as well as helps to transport waste for excretion. This can also best done together with massaging a considerable amount of the Full Strength 300mg CBD Recovery Balm, which comes with benefits such as improved circulation of blood in the area, pain relief and giving you that refreshing feel after the strenuous exercise.


  • Take a Cold or Hot Bath – To most athletes, an ice bath is as good a massage, in helping them to recover faster. So the technique here is that you can take the bath, preferably hot if you do not like an ice bath, then after you are done, that is when you apply your choice cbd muscle balm.


  • Get Better Sleep – when talking about anything to do with tissue rejuvenation or the body having to recover, like for instance from say muscle soreness or painful injuries after exercise, sleep is the primary inducer of the process at the natural level. That is the main reason why the producers of CBD Muscle Recovery Balm claims the product offers a relaxing effect on the muscles to eliminate discomfort and cause you to get better sleep quality, and that it helps you sleep longer, which is when the body is more active in helping the tissues to recover.


  • Be Attentive to How You Feel – Most people who get into a new exercise routine, or who are still new into active life are likely not to give a keen ear to what their body tells says. It is easy to overwork, even if your body is screaming you should not be doing so. You may feel like resting two days in a raw is jeopardizing your new direction to keep an exercise routine, but sometimes it is not. When you notice a significant decrease in performance, it simply means that your body needs not just more time to recover but an effective cbd muscle balm.   


CBD Products or Synthetic-based Pain Relief Balms:  Which is better?

The reason why people, in recent times, are turning to herbal-based medications, or simply remedies that come directly from plant extracts is that there have been rising cases of side effects from ordinary drugs. In fact, some of the damage caused by synthetic medications have proven somewhat irreversible and that’s what has propelled the world of dietary supplement to grow in the rate it is currently growing with.

A recent analysis by a team of researchers claims that American citizens spend close to over $300 billion on pain relief prescription drugs per year. Cases of the same drugs becoming non-effective over time are also raising pretty fast, forcing the paramedics to recommend a change of the drug type from time to time. Perhaps this is again the main reason that makes herbal-based and organic supplement manufactures more hopeful that the whole world of medicine is likely to go their way.

In making a comparison with the above figures (the quoted $300 billion), it means prescription medications are way very expensive compared to supplemental remedies, which claim to offer even more better and safer results. In fact, the companies that make CBD related products, CBD Muscle being among the leading claim that you are saving yourself all round when you take the natural way of dealing with your pains. That is, it is both cheaper and safer.

Still, on that, reports show that people who take the traditional route, that is consuming a bottle of beer or taking Ibuprofen to feel good pose an even greater health risk to themselves. These NSAIDs have been associated with causing countless deaths, especially when taken as a habit. What some of these synthetic medications or simply ordinary drugs do is that they leave toxic residues in the body. These deposits pile up so that in the long run start to cause complications in the body. That’s why health professionals would rather tell you to eat well, take rest days to give the body a chance to try and fight its own pain naturally other than immediately popping a pain relief drug every time some kind of body discomfort shows up.

With that said, it is generally wiser to give naturally manufactured supplements a chance to help manage your muscle and body pain discomforts. Historically, cannabidiol oil has been listed as one of the most used pain remedies for centuries. However, unlike today, the reasons why CBD related medications were popular is due to the fact that the knowledge of the plants from which they were extracted, was only available to medicine men and that there was less abuse and indulge of drugs.

Nonetheless, the medicine world is beginning to acknowledge the role of the procreation use of medicinal cannabis sativa products. As a result, more tests are being done on cannabidiol and the importance of the related compounds from the plant. So since there is enough evidence that using CBD products is more effective on pain and that it is safer on long term use than most synthetically manufactured drugs, it is definitely wiser to go with these products.

A growing number of professional athletes to be precise use CBD balms and ointments as a pre-workout supplement to help flex their muscles. However, others prefer to use CBD Muscle balms as a muscle recovery supplement for use after training.

How CBD balms Impacts Pains and Inflammation?

There are lots of brands that make CBD products, but the common thing is that almost all these products work relatively in a similar manner. But in our case, we have focused on its properties in relation to easing pain, muscle recovery and managing chronic pain.

Not only in balm form, but studies also show that CBD products, in their whatever forms may to a great extent reduce pain and inflammation and as a result, it is already being used as a treatment option. For instance, according to CBD Muscle, their CBD Recovery Balm absorbs fast to go interact with the readily existing endocannabinoids in the body.

When that happens it causes anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, which in consequence trigger the faster recovery of damaged, strained and overstretched muscles. That is the reason users are supposed to apply CBD balms directly on the affected muscles. The good with applying the product on clean skin is the fact that the skin is more permeable that way since nothing like say dart particles will be hindering faster penetration of the ingredients from the balm’s composition.

The Ethics in relation to using CBD for Pain and inflammation

There has been a lot of talks recently regarding Cannabidiol (CBD) and its impact on various health conditions. Emerging tests also show that CBD oil has many health benefits to different health conditions. Including easing chronic pains from conditions like arthritis and the rest, managing ordinary joint pains and fibromyalgia caused by the accumulation of oxalates, assisting muscles recovery after strenuous exercise, reducing the intensity of spasticity on people suffering from multiple sclerosis and many other health benefits.

So how exactly is cannabidiol different from marijuana? That has been the most asked question in the world of medical marijuana. In actuality and in precise definition, cannabidiol is shortened to CBD and it is the second most occurring active component in cannabis sativa (marijuana). Now based on a conclusive report by WHO (the World Health Organization), there has not been clear proofs on all the conducted lab tests to show that the CBD extracted from the hemp plant pose as a potential substance for abuse, or whether long term use does lead to dependency.

With regard to the legality of handling CBD, these products are already obtainable in almost all the states in America and in all the major regions in Europe and Canada. However, if you are an athlete with a sports organization that has not yet updated their anti-doping policies to accommodate the products supplied by CBD manufacturers, it important to confirm with the administration. It could be that they have not been keen to know that most of the regulations on medical marijuana have been eased to pave room for further research, or just that they are still against the use for their own internal reasons.

According to an article by the Health Harvard Publishing, there have been several studies pointing to the effectiveness of CBD products in general in managing childhood epilepsy syndromes and the conclusion is that yes it very effective. However with references to dealing with anxiety, insomnia muscles recovery, easing joint pains, the studies are still underway, but there is surmountable evidence showing its effectiveness. What is not clear the actual dosage that should be used, however. But reading from what companies like CBD Muscle says, their Full Strength 300mg CBD Muscle Recovery Balm offers a safe and perfect dosage to support healthy joint and muscle recovery, and that it is also 100 safe for use on both vegetarians and vegans.

In fact, in overview, so far it is thought that CBD products lead in terms of helping people manage their pain issues. Again that can be proven with the fact that the CBD market is one of the few fields that have gained worldwide popularity in less than a decade.

Despite all the legal concerns that previously hindered the use of any kind of cannabis, medical marijuana in the areas of CBD use is completely above the roofs that now even governments and the controlling bodies have allowed further research around the topic of using this herb for medicinal purposes.

When to Seek Professional Help After Damaged

Besides exercise, joint pains result from different reasons and it is important to have medical attention to help establish whether your pain can be managed with ordinary solutions or whether it is something that requires extra medical intervention. Certain pains could be emerging from something serious that requires invasive treatment to maybe remove some kind of growth that is causing the pain or correcting deformed or displaced tissues. Again, knowing the root cause of the muscle discomfort you are in is key and it is good that you avoid over-the-counter options, which all they may do is reduce the pain without attacking or correcting the actual problem.

Is CBD Muscle Balm additive?

The fact that balms are externally applied, we cannot conclude that this cbd muscle product is habit-forming. Besides that, the gel is not a prescription medication because users are only required to use it when there is need. That is, you can use it as a pre-workout supplement or after you are done training. Additionally, it also depends on whether you think really need it that when you decided to apply it. Otherwise, you can go the hard way and allow your body to recover completely naturally.

You can also stop using this CBD Muscle Recovery Balm any time even after having been using it for an extended amount of time. What may not be completely clear is after how long users are supposed to take a break from any CBD product, or whether it okay to use them as a permanent pain relief supplement (that is in the case of people who are using it for chronic pain relief).

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