ProRenal+D Kidney Multivitamins Reviews

ProRenal+D Kidney Multivitamins Overview

The importance of proper kidney function in the body cannot be overemphasized because these are the organs that ensure the whole body stays clean and free from toxic excretes.

As in, kidneys are blood-cleansing organs; they ensure all toxic elements get filtered for elimination. That’s the reason you cannot live without this organ.

To try and improve the healthy function of kidneys, lots of supplements have come on board and Prorenal +D Kidney Multivitamin is one such product that claims to supply the body with all the nutrients that support kidney function.

Now to be precise and on point…

What is ProRenal+D Kidney Multivitamins?

Prorenal +D Kidney Multivitamin is a kidney support product designed specifically with key nutrients and essential vitamins that are needed for optimal function of the

ProRenal+D Kidney Multivitamins Reviews

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According to the maker this kidney supplement, it is both nephrologists approved and formulated, meaning it has been professionally checked, unlike other non-lab tested products.

Its ingredients are supposedly carefully chosen and have been confirmed by the Renal Advisory Board, as stated on the producer’s website.

From its name, you can easily tell that Vitamin D is one of the key ingredients in Prorenal +D Multivitamins.

The supplement adds to a growing list of kidney and oxalate reducing supplements like Kidney C.O.P, Kidney Well II, and Chanca Paedra which is the main component featured in our Stone Breaker reviews post, among others.

Who is the Manufacturer of ProRenal+D Kidney Multivitamins?

Nephroceuticals LLC is the producer of Prorenal +D Kidney Multivitamin. They are a U.S. based dietary supplement manufacturing company and are well known for doing a good job in making health-related drugs. The product is sold through established distributors and retailer websites online.

Top on that, the producer has availed a lot of information regarding the product’s ingredients and has tried to answer important questions that users are likely to ask about the formulation. Another thing to note is that the product has a strong presence online including on social media platforms.

How Does ProRenal+D Kidney Multivitamins Work?

ProRenal+D Kidney Multivitamins does not have a complicated approach of working like most supplements claim to work. All it does is it supplies the body with the necessary vitamins and nutritional values that are required for proper organ function.

In precise, it provides that important balance of vitamins to people with kidney disease which is what supports proper kidney function.

According to the brains behind it, the product was formulated by carefully studying health data in relation to kidney health and function to come up with a potent solution in established cases of nutrient and vitamin deficiencies that affect kidney patients.

In other words, the product is mission targeted, it is not just any other general health supplement, according to the producer.

ProRenal+D Kidney Multivitamins Ingredients – Are they Safe and Effective?

Although vitamin D is the main component in this kidney support supplement, that is not all that there is to it – plus it is not the standalone ingredient that the product requires to deliver results.

ProRenal is basically a multi-ingredient formulation, and from the maker’s explanation, the product is safe and effective. Some of the ingredients used to make ProRenal include:

  • Vitamin D – Research has confirmed that 99% of the time healthy kidneys are also rich in vitamin D[1], and the presence of it is said to promote phosphorous and calcium balance which are essential for proper body function.
  • Vitamin C (60 mg per serving) – a good balance of vitamin C in the body is said to support healthy renal function, but the recommended daily intake value must not be exceeded.
  • Riboflavin[2]Not clearly explained how this ingredient impact kidney health but traces of it have been seen inside healthy kidneys, liver and the heart.
  • Folate – claimed to work together with iron to support the formation of red blood cells and prevent anemia. With the right amount of red blood cells, oxygen gets transport to all parts of the body for optimal function of organs, including kidneys.
  • Thiamin – said to promote energy production through the burning of carbohydrates, is essential for the breakdown of glucose and plays other complex roles in muscle, hearth and nerve function.
  • Zinc – people with certain kidney problems are more likely to suffer the symptoms of zinc deficiency, so this formulation ensures that would not be a worry.


  • Niacin – Renal and Urology News says this ingredient can significantly slow the progression of Chronic Kidney Disease. Top on that it is also said to promote endothelial function.


  • Biotin – linked with properties of being able to improve kidney function naturally and is listed together with soluble vitamins.


  • Selenium – often pointed out for having antioxidant properties that can help prevent different health issues including rheumatoid arthritis, vision loss, asthma, and certain cardiovascular problems.


  • Vitamin B12 – being a water-soluble vitamin, B12 has been seen to support the normal function of the nervous system as well as regulate CKD progression.


  • Copper, – associated with many benefits to the body, from maintaining bone health, stronger blood vessels, improved nerve function to supporting proper immune function.
  • Pantothenic Acid – it is a one in several often prescribed vitamins to CKD patients to help them with the extra water-soluble vitamins that are required to control the disease.

What are the Advantages of ProRenal+D Kidney Multivitamins?

  • May improve the symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease
  • The product features high profile ingredients that have lab tested results.
  • It is produced and supplied by an established company, with a strong market influence
  • Said to be safe in that it is gluten-free, No phosphorus/Potassium and No filler additions

What are the Disadvantages of ProRenal+D Kidney Multivitamins?

  • Not clear whether it controls oxalate formation
  • Contains Vitamin C, which may not be healthy when excess in the body
  • The recommended dosage needs to be strictly observed to avoid side effects.


How Should You take ProRenal+D Kidney Multivitamins?

When taking ProRenal +D Multivitamins as a supplement, take 1 capsule after your heavy meal, with a glass of water.

How Much Does ProRenal+D Kidney Multivitamins Cost?

A bottle of with 30 caps goes for around $17.00 while the bigger one with 90 capsules currently goes for around $33.5.

What is ProRenal+D Kidney Multivitamins’ Return Policy?

The return policy for this product depends on the retailer website you are ordering fro because the producer has not disclosed how exactly they handle returns.

Does ProRenal+D Kidney Multivitamins Offer Free Trials?

No, there is no provision nor statement suggesting that the maker offers free trials for ProRenal+D Multivitamins. Users may reach out to the producer to confirm this.

ProRenal+D Kidney Multivitamins Review – Final Verdict

By looking at the nature and number of ingredients that ProRenal+D Kidney Multivitamins uses it is easy to tell that the product takes a multi-ingredient approach to help it deliver its promise. The company behind it is also giving very strong claims, saying that it is the best kidney supplement, which offers over whole support to kidney health.

Some of the prime benefits this product vary from being able to improve CKD (or Chronic Kidney Disease) – thanks to the lab proven ingredients. Pointing to safety, the maker claims that it is free from filler substances, free from fish oil and from other non-kidney-friendly stuff.

However, the producer doesn’t mention how exactly it impacts oxalate reduction or formation, which is something that most people with oxalate sensitivity may want to get a precise picture. Besides that, it is also obvious that the assigned dosage should be observed strictly.

With all factors taken to account, the product seems professional and is worth giving a try in case you need to optimize your kidney function as well as maintain your kidney health.

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