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Kidney Well 2 Overview

What I have come to know from a careful analysis is that there are not as many kidney supplements as there are memory enhancing formulations, digestive support supplements, sexual performance pills and so on.

However, the good news is that more and more herbal-based, non-prescription for complete kidney support have come aboard.

Kidney Well 2, for instance, is a purely organic and all-natural product that aims to provide the right nutritional support for kidney health, like several other formulas that get discovered and introduced into the market each day.

The new trend is that herbal and organically formulated medical solutions are seen to be much safer and effective than synthetic drugs.

Now Kidney Well 2 is one among such products have been designed from natural ingredients, and is making very promising claims in supporting both the urinary and kidney health.


What is Kidney Well 2 to be Exact?

Kidney Well 2 is a dietary supplement designed to offer total support to kidney health. The product prides of being effective as it integrates both the western and eastern

source: Get Well Natural LLC

understanding of medical knowledge.

Claims by the producer are that the formulation supports healthy and improved kidney function and filtration.

The makers also highlight that it is all natural and that it offers a solution to people who want to maintain a healthy level of both important urinary proteins and proper levels of Creatinine.

Like several other kidney-targeted products Kidney well 2 is non-vegetarian friendly but has no filler ingredients.

Who is the Manufacturer of Kidney Well 2?

The company behind Kidney Well 2 goes by the name Get Well Natural LLC and they are a U.S. based company. They are well established in manufacturing Natural Dietary Herbal-based Supplements and sell all their products both online and offline; with working hours scheduled from 10am-5pm PST.

Get Well Natural LLC has an official website that is packed with important information about the product, its ingredients, as well as lots of literature on other related products.

The thing that seems to be a limiting factor is that the product seems not to be as popular as it should be, but still, the supplement seems ahead in their efforts to market it because it is on popular websites.

How Does Kidney Well 2 Work?

This product gets its potency from the ingredients used. It is said to use as a proprietary list of herbal ingredients particularly chosen for their kidney support benefits.

The constituents in Kidney Well 2 provide filtration support and cellular cleansing properties, as well as offer anti-oxidant and cellular energy properties.

In precise, the formulation is not just limited to kidney health benefits, it also supports and maintains optimal body function, giving special nutritional support to all organs that in one point or another impact kidney health.

Kidney Well 2 Ingredients – Are they Safe and Effective?

First, Kidney Well 2 manufacturers are quick to point out that their product uses purely natural ingredients and that it has been lab-tested and found to be safe.

So far, most users that have tried this product have given positive feedback and are thankful that it is fully a herbal blend of handpicked and special ingredients. Some of the revealed ingredients in Kidney Well 2 include:

  • Astragalus [1] Although more studies need to be conducted, a few research show that astragalus plays a role in reducing infections on people with reduced kidney function. It also improves the healthy function of kidneys.
  • Cyperus – A study by Research Gate highlights that Cyperus might have benefits to liver function, hematology and kidney function among other body functions.


  • Ganoderma [2]General research claim that this ingredient has effects on suppressing inflammation, may improve certain kidney conditions and has several other importance to healthy body function.


  • Dioscorea – available reports show that this herb has been mostly used to treat symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and menopause. What is not clear is how it is claimed to improve kidney health because there is scares information on that.


  • Alisma – said to have diuretic properties on the body, helping it to get rid of excess water. May also be important in easing heat propagated, kidney, bladder, and urinary system problems.


  • Poria – Poria is a mushroom with chemicals that have been lab-tested and shown to improve kidney function.


  • Rehmannia – The list of health benefits linked to this ingredients is a bit long, it supports the immunity system, the proper function of adrenal glands and kidney, bone and skin health, liver function and several others.

What are the Pros of Kidney Well 2?

  • Said to offer the necessary support for proper and healthy kidney function
  • Provides healthy levels of Creatinine
  • Ensures healthy levels of urinary protein
  • May support the proper balance of chemicals for improved kidney function
  • Supports and maintains normal kidney function.

What are the Cons of Kidney Well 2?

  • The product seems to offer general kidney health benefits, it not solving a particular disease.
  • Users need to take at least 4 pills per day which may sound a lot to folks who don’t like taking tabs.
  • Some of its ingredients, for instance, Dioscorea are based on some shallow research as there is very little information on them in relation to kidney health.


How Should you Take Kidney Well 2?

The producer suggests taking the caps 2 x 2 per day, so 4 capsules at the end of the day; preferably 30 minutes before the meal.

How Much Does Kidney Well 2 Cost?

A single bottle of Kidney Well 2 costs around $44.95, two bottles= $95.90 and three bottles = $143.85, which means the more bottles you buy the more you save from the bulk purchase discounts offered.

What is Kidney Well 2’s Return Policy?

According to the producer, unopened products can be returned within 60 days for a refund as much as they are still in good condition and are not expired. For opened products, they can only be accepted back if returned within the month of buying.

Does Kidney Well 2 offer Free Trials?

The maker has not disclosed anything concerning how they handle promotions through free trials, so that is a no. However, it is hard to precisely conclude whether or not that is a permanent case because some dietary supplement companies do offer trials on request, some may do that at a small fee, or the user may be required to cater only for the cost of shipping.

Kidney Well 2 Review – Final Thoughts?

There is no doubt that kidney supporting dietary supplements seem more safe and promising when it comes to improving kidney function than synthetic options.

For instance, Kidney Well 2 claims to be completely organic and natural and that it does not expose the user to side effects even after long use.

The product is also well rated on most websites that sell it. Most of its ingredients have records showing that they have been lab-tested for kidney support.

Top on that, the blend of ingredients is not that ordinary; seems that the maker was more focused on delivering a much-improved product than the ones already available in the market.

However, as it is with every supplement we review, we also like to point out some of the drawbacks that seem to limit the product. In this case, it is clear that Kidney Well 2 has not established an online presence like their competitor, well rated products such as Kidney C.O.P.

Besides that, it doesn’t mention whether it does improve a person’s oxalate health, whether users with high oxalate issues can use or rely on it.

But all in all this product seems safe and effective, as it has good feedback from users across different retailer websites, which of cause is better placed in giving honest reviews compared to the official website.

Featured Customer Reviews for Kidney Well 2 from most popular retailer websites are as below:

“Great product!

I give it 5 stars because since I started using Kidney Well II my kidney scores have lowered big time. In fact, it helps to keep my kidney reading in check.” – James Randy.

“It works well

Good stuff, seen some good results.” – AM

“Seems promising

 Thank a bunch…” – David K.

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