Standard Process Magnesium Lactate Reviews: Is it that Effective?

What is Standard Process Magnesium Lactate?

Magnesium Lactate as a mineral occurs naturally and is required by the body for the functioning of the heart, nervous system and the digestive system.

Standard process Magnesium Lactate is a nutritional supplement that claims to have the ability to enhance cellular energy production which is very important for the body.

Similarly, the capsules are said to have the potential to support synthesis of essential molecules.

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Magnesium lactate is also claimed to provide cofactor support for 300 enzymes and more. And since magnesium is known to be good for healthy bones, producers of Magnesium Lactate assert that the product is essential for bone formation as well as bone resorption.

The product is available in the market and can be used by consumers with gluten intolerance as it claims to be gluten free. A bottle of Magnesium Lactate contains 90 capsules the suggested use is three capsules per day or as directed by the physician.

Who is the manufacturer of Standard Process Magnesium Lactate?  

The manufacturer of Magnesium Lactate is Standard Process, a company in USA that manufactures nutritional supplements.

These manufacturers claim to have been in the market for 90 years now thus promising expertise in the field. Standard Process has an organic farm from which they claim to source most of their ingredients.

The company also boasts of its in-house scientific research department that develops, processes and conducts tests products to ensure high quality.

Standard Process also has an official website which disseminates information about their products as well as purchasing procedures.

How Does Standard Process Magnesium Lactate work?

Magnesium Lactate contains magnesium which helps support cellular functions which are quite a number:

Cellular energy production– magnesium in the body activates Adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Adequate amount of magnesium in the body enables food and supplements to be metabolized into energy.

Body energy production- energy produced in the cells are then used by body systems such as the Central Nervous System, cardiovascular and neuromuscular.

Essential molecule synthesis– magnesium is required in the synthesis of DNA, RNA and proteins. Enzymes present in the synthesis of carbohydrates and lipids also require magnesium.

Bone formation and resorption– magnesium is known to help strengthen and firm bones. It plays a major role in the absorption and metabolism of calcium, a mineral that is important for bone health.

Muscle contraction– magnesium is a regulator of muscle contractions. Similar to its role in the heart, magnesium blocks out calcium from the muscles to enable it to relax.

Standard Process Magnesium Lactate Ingredients – Are they Safe & Effective?

Magnesium lactate is composed of a number of ingredients that have been highlighted by its producers. These include:

  • Magnesium Lactate[1]this is a naturally occurring mineral that the body requires to support vital functions such as the heart, CNS and digestive system. Helpful in .supplementing people with magnesium deficiencies.
  • Gelatin[2]– this is sourced from animal parts and helps to maintain strong bones through providing important amino acids that ease both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.
  • Calcium Stearate[3]– this is a carboxylate of calcium and an anti-caking agent. It is used in various food stuffs such as salts, spices and confections.

What are the advantages of Standard Process Magnesium Lactate?

Magnesium Lactate claims to have several benefits to its users, some of them are:

  • Users may achieve increased energy production used by the Central Nervous System.
  • Consumers may benefit by achieving healthy and strong bones owing to the presence of magnesium.
  • The regimen is easy to administer as it is just three capsules per day.
  • Users may also attain relaxed muscles due to the muscle contracting ability of Standard Process Magnesium Lactate.
  • Manufacturers claim that the product is gluten free thus consumers with gluten energy may use the product.
  • The company that manufactures this product claim to have been in the market since 1929 thus implying that they have expertise in the field.

What are the disadvantages of Standard Process Magnesium Lactate?

Apart from the advantages, this product also has a number of disadvantages which include:

  • It is unclear whether the body energy production, bone formation and resorption, molecule synthesis and cell energy production properties of the capsules will continue after the dose has been completed.
  • Since the product is manufactured in a facility that produces other products such as soy, wheat, egg, milk and peanut, consumers with allergic reactions to these may not be able to use the product because traces of the foods may be present in the supplement.
  • The product goes for $36.00 which is quite expensive when compared to similar supplements by other companies.


How Is Standard Process Magnesium Lactate Used?

The directions to use this product is to take three capsules per day or as instructed by the physician.

How Much Does Standard Process Magnesium Lactate Cost?

On amazon, the product goes for $36.00 while in the official website the price indicated is $30.00

What is Standard Process Magnesium LactateReturn Policy?

The company requires a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) that is retrieved through contacting the company’s customer care. Returned products are expected to be in their original container or wrapper. Additionally, a 20% fee on all returned products is charged.

Does Standard Process Magnesium Lactate offer a Free Trial?

There are no free trials for the product.

Standard Process Magnesium Lactate Product Review- Final Verdict

A healthy diet often provides all sorts of nutrients required by the body but unfortunately, sometimes it is not enough.

Magnesium deficiency is common in most people nowadays requiring supplementation by other sources, the best source being nutritional supplements.

Standard Process’ Magnesium Lactate is a nutritional supplement that promises consumers an array of benefits such as energy production boost, healthy bone formation and resorption as well as improved muscle contraction.

The product has its fair share of limitations such as; lack of clarity of whether benefits from the supplement will be achieved after the dose, wheat and other food allergy may be a hindrance for consumers to use and the price is on the higher end.

There are many Magnesium Lactate products from various producers which may be cheap, offer even more benefits and have no traces of allergic triggers.

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