Stone Breaker Reviews: Does it Really Work?

What is Stone Breaker?

Stone Broker is urinary support dietary supplement, made from a blend of herbal extracts and other ingredients that work collectively to support the optimal function of the urinary system.

Now in this piece, we’ll look into Stone Breaker’s ingredients, who the manufacturer is how it works.

We also explain the pros and cons, its side effects and finally the final bottom line or conclusion regarding its efficiency in delivering its promise.

Source: Peruvian

The key ingredient in this formulation is called Chanca Piedra or in simple terms the stonebreaker herb.

This herb is also called Phyllanthus and is said to be most common in subtropical areas.

Chanca Piedra has been traditionally used as a herbal medicine for treating various other health complications including kidney stones, gall stone, gout, regulate blood sugar, help to manage blood pressure and in this case, it resolves urinary tract complications.

It has also been proven to be a potential liver support herb, may have some impact on reducing tumors, and some findings claiming that I may as well as reduce the intensity of HIV.

Who is the Manufacturer of Stone Breaker?

There are many brands and companies said to distribute stone breaker. To mention just but two there is the Herb Pharm, NaturalisismoLife, Platinum Naturals, Peruvian. Although all of them claim to use Chanca Piedra as their main ingredient, the other ingredients in the product may vary in terms of the ratio per component – or simply the amount used in the formulation. Besides that, the basic ingredient itself may vary depending on the amount included in the formulation.

How does Stone Breaker Work?

As claimed by the producer Stone Breaker is a very effective herbal medicine. It prevents calcium oxalate crystals from been formed around the kidneys. The ingredients found in it are used to lower blood sugar, fight harmful bacteria and fungus from been build up in the body. Also, Stone Breaker contains chemicals that are said to stop spasms and fever.

Stone Breaker Ingredients – are they safe and effective?

Stone Breaker is very safe for use, and it is advised to be taken by mouth for a period of three months. The product, however, contains various certified organic ingredients such as:

  • Burdock seed [1] -are a good source of omega 3 fatty acids which are most commonly used to raising HDL cholesterol which is normally good in that, it prevents heart attack and stroke.
  • Celery seeds [2]– these seeds are mainly used to help people with high blood pressure to lower their blood pressure.
  • Hydrangea Root – the roots and the underground stem is commonly used for urinary tract problems like infections of the bladder, infections of the urethra, prostate infection and also kidney stones.
  • Chanca Piedra[3] -it is said to be good in treating diseases such as diabetes, gallstones, high blood pressure, and liver problems.

What are the Advantages of Stone Breaker?

  • Stone Breaker may be used to protect the kidney from painful stones
  • The product is used to control the regulation of blood sugar in the body
  • It might be used to lower blood pressure
  • It may be used to relieve urinary tract infection
  • The product prevents the formation of calcium oxalate crystals, which is the main cause of kidney stone and gall stone in the body?

What are the Disadvantages of Stone Breaker?

  • It might slow blood clotting and this may cause breeding especially
  • to people with bleeding disorders.
  • The product might affect blood level mostly to people who are diabetic.
  • It may not be recommended to be used by a pregnant person as it may cause birth defects like it could negatively impact the weight of the child.
  • Should not be taken by a person who has undergone a surgery process.


How Should You take Stone Breaker?

It is advised that Stone Breaker should not be taken plainly. It should be taken along with an apple cider vinegar and lemon juice with a lot of clean water. Also, the product is taken by mouth a period of three months.

What are Stone Breaker’s Side Effects?

This herbal medicine is said to have negative side effects to the user such as, causing defects to pregnant mothers, It may also slow clotting of blood that may cause breeding mostly to people with bleeding problems, and finally, it may affect blood levels more so to people who have a diabetic problem. The Stone Breaker website talks more and clearly about the negative side effects together with the positive side effects.

How Much Does Stone Breaker Cost?

The price of the product varies according to size. for instance, the cost of  800mg per table  containing 120 tablets cost $ the one below

What is Stone Breaker’s Return Policy?

The producer of the product only promises to return back cash to the buyer within 10 days of purchase in a case whereby the buyer is not fully satisfied by the product. The return policy is mainly applied to the product that has not been destroyed or tampered with.

Does Stone Breaker Offer a Free Trial?

The company that manufactures stone breaker does not give free trials of the product to the users.

Stone Breaker Review– Final Verdict

Those who have bought and used Chanca Piedra which is Stone Breakers main ingredient say they have witnessed change and are happy. Besides that, users of this particular product consider it to be a savior in matters dealing with kidney health. It is said to effectively eliminate kidney stone, gallstone and help to control diabetes. Others say that it has helped them raise their HDL cholesterol, with some research linking it to the property of being able to control cardiac related issues like heart attack and stroke.

From the customer reviews across the major retailer websites, The Stone Breaker, together with it its related products that use Chanca Piedra as the key constituent to helps resolve urinary problems like inhibiting oxalate formation and so on are said to be highly effective in delivering the promise.

This formula’s combined ingredients also have evidence that they are effective and authorized for human consumption. Meaning aspiring users can order and try this stuff without fear; one and the reason why that claim may stand is that it is manufactured purely from natural ingredients.

The price of the product also seems to be affordable as it has various distributors who manufacture it in different sizes. This means that you can buy the size are comfortable paying for. In precise, the product is said to completely do away with kidney stones that are oxalate formed, and gall stones, as well as prevent calcium oxalate crystals from been formed. Oxalate is believed to be the main cause of kidney stones.

There are also many products that work better like the stone breaker in the market, i.e the planetary herbals stone. This enables the user to choose the variety that he or she pleases or works best for her or him.

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