Standard Process Calcium Lactate Reviews: Truth Revealed!

What is Standard Process Calcium Lactate?

This nutritional supplement claims to benefit its consumers in many ways. Calcium Stearate is made by combining calcium together with fatty acids sourced from vegetable oils.

Its main function is to boost calcium in the body for people with calcium deficiency.

Other than that these tablets are purposed to enhance bone formation and maintenance to keep off illnesses such as osteoporosis (bone loss).

Calcium Lactate is said to be capable of supporting other functions such as coagulation, cell function, membrane permeability, enzyme functioning maintains healthy bone density and remodeling.

Calcium Lactate comes in tablet form, its bottle comes with a variety of 90 tablets, 330 tablets and 800 tablets.

Standard Process manufacturers claim that the supplement is not only gluten free but also suitable for vegans. The supplement is said to undergo quality control process which consists of receiving raw materials, mixing and milling of the raw materials, preparation of tablets and capsules and lastly, packaging is done.

Who is the Manufacturer of Standard Process Calcium Lactate?  

Standard Process are the manufacturers of this supplement and is a company located in the United States of America. Since its commencement in 1929, these producers have been in the nutritional supplement business trying to help their consumers achieve overall body health.

Standard Process claims to have massive acres of land for growing natural products which they use as ingredients for their products. Apart from that, the company claims to have scientific research tools for ensuring quality in their production.

Standard Process also claims to ensure sustainability in all their production processes from the growing of the crops to the production of the tablets/capsules.

How Does Standard Process Calcium Lactate Work?

Calcium Lactate supplement works to boost calcium content in the blood stream. Packed with the right amount of calcium together with other minerals such as magnesium, the product claims to enhance all the functions of calcium in the body- all of which are necessary for healthy functioning of organs and systems.

These functions include; to enhance blood coagulation, to support muscle contraction, to help cell function to its optimum, to support proper enzyme[] functioning and maintenance of required bone density.

Standard Process Calcium Lactate Ingredients – Are they Safe & Effective?

Whether this product is effective or not can be considered through its ingredients. Some of the ingredients found in this supplement include:

  • Calcium Lactate[1]– this ingredient is majorly used to treat conditions that are caused by low calcium levels in the body such as osteoporosis, hypoparathyroidism, osteomalacia as well as latent tetany.
  • Calcium Stearate– this is broadly used for its anti-caking properties. Commonly found in foods like salt and spices.
  • Magnesium Citrate[2]– this ingredient improves magnesium content in the body. Magnesium also supports the normal functioning of body cells.

Other contents of Calcium Lactate include; calories, carbohydrates, calcium and magnesium.

What are the Advantages of Standard Process Calcium Lactate?

Consumers of Calcium Lactate may benefit from the following advantages:

  • They may achieve better muscle functioning and relaxation owing to muscle contracting property of the supplement.
  • Optimum cell functioning may be achieved enhancing all other bodily functions.
  • The supplement claims to support membrane permeability which is important in cardiac functions.
  • Consumers may achieve healthy bone density due to the calcium increase in the blood.
  • Calcium deficiency diseases may be prevented through the supplements
  • Blood coagulation may be enhances helping wounds recover fast.
  • This product comes in three forms; 90 tablets, 330 tablet and 800 tablets to serve consumers on a wide price spectrum.
  • This product claims to contain no gluten it is suitable for consumers with wheat allergy.
  • Calcium lactate is claimed to be processed from natural ingredients thus suitable for vegans.

What are the Disadvantages of Standard Process Calcium Lactate?

In addition to the many advantages of Standard Process Calcium Lactate, the supplement has disadvantages as well. Some of them are:

  • The producers fail to mention some side effects that consumers may face while using the product.
  • The suggested use for the product is 6 tablets per day which can be too many for some consumers.
  • The product may be gluten free but it is produced in a facility that produces allergen products such as wheat and nuts thus not suitable for people with allergic reactions to these foods.
  • Calcium stearate as an ingredient can have negative side effects on some people. It may cause ringing in the ear, increased blood pressure and dizziness.
  • It is not clear whether calcium content will be enhanced after the dose has been completed.


How Is Standard Process Calcium Lactate Used?

6 tablets should be taken in a day or as instructed by the physician. For consumers on medication or are pregnant it is advisable to confirm with the doctor before commencing on the regimen.

How Much Does Standard Process Calcium Lactate Cost?

The product comes in three bottle forms; 90 tablets which goes for $12.60, 330 tablets which goes for $30.60 and 800 tablets which costs $60.60.

What is Standard Process Calcium Lactate Return Policy?

The company allows return of broken mismatched or damaged goods but on condition that a Return Merchandise Authorization number is presented and goods are returned with their original package. The RMA number is gotten by contacting the company’s customer care to report the return.

Does Standard Process Calcium Lactate Offer a Free Trial?

This product does not offer a free trial.

Standard Process Calcium Lactate Product Review- Final Verdict

Calcium is present in a number of foods such as milk, cheese, spinach and tofu. Although eating a balanced diet ensures that calcium is absorbed in the right proportions, at times diet alone is not sufficient. This calcium deficiency could be quite dangerous as it affects almost all bodily functions.

Calcium deficiency also results in diseases that cause bone loss, weakened bones, muscle problems and decreased parathyroid gland functions. For this reason, people are looking for the additional help that calcium supplements provide.

Standard Process Calcium Lactate is a dietary supplement that claims to enhance calcium content as well as calcium related functions. This product has both positive and negative attributes.

Although it promises a number of improved bodily functions such as bone remodeling, healthy heart activities and enzyme functioning, this product can also affect consumers negatively.

Calcium Lactate is gluten free but may contain traces such as soy, milk, fish and nuts, which could cause life threatening allergic reactions to those with these food allergies.

That said, you can always find a product that not only meets your purchasing power but also resonates with your health needs. Explore for such products, and only settle for that which is at per with your preference.

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