Stone Free vs Stone Breaker – Which One is Best?

The kidney, liver, and gallbladder are vital organs in the body that help in the elimination of waste products and toxic wastes. However, over time these organs become overburdened and are unable to function properly.

This overburdening is mostly caused by unhealthy diets that contain foods with excessive saturated fats. As a result, the formation of stones on the liver, kidneys, and gallbladder becomes inevitable.

While there are a number of treatments for this phenomenon, they may at times fail to deliver the desired results. That is, to eliminate the kidney stones.

Besides, there are many supplements in the market promising to remove these stones, and in this post, we compare Stone Free vs Stone Breaker

(a). What is Stone Free?

Stone Free is a product that claims to support bile production and fluid elimination. It also claims to aid the natural cleansing process of the body. The product is a unique blend of a number of herbs that may help in the effectiveness of the supplement.

Stone Free vs Stone Breaker

Source: Planetary Herbal

Some of the herbs used to formulate Stone Free include; dandelion root extract, ginger root, turmeric root, lemon balm leaf, parsley root, marshmallow root, licorice root, Lysimachia and coin-leaf desmodium.

Stone Free is said to support the purifying function of the kidneys like for example in the elimination of oxalate crystals. Ingredients such as parsley root and marshmallow root are claimed to provide support for the normal fluid elimination process. Apart from that, they are believed to promote the general health of the genitourinary health through improving the passage of waste in the urinary tract.

Who manufactures Stone Free?

The manufacturer of Stone Free is Planetary Herbal, a company based in the USA. It is claimed to be developed by expert herbalists who integrate traditional herbal wisdom, modern pharmacological science as well as clinical experience.

Planetary Herbal claims to give top priority to its clients as their guiding principle is to offer quality products. The manufacturing of Stone Free is conducted by the producers themselves thus they claim to have control over the procurement of raw products and quality testing.

The manufacturers of Stone Free claim that herbs used are both organic and non-GMO. They are also passed through a verification process.

Customer reviews (Stone Free vs Stone Breaker)

1. Stone Free is amazing

“I have been experiencing abdominal pains for two weeks and was even rushed to ER. The doctor diagnosed me with gall bladder sludge and was scheduled for surgery the following month. Even with a low-fat diet, I was getting minor attacks and decided to give this product a try. What can I say? Stone Free is just amazing! Ever since I started using this product, I can now sleep well and the constant back pain has now faded.” – Austin:

2. Stone Breaker strips off some minerals

“Although this supplement has positive effects, it also strips the body off important minerals. After using the supplement for a week, I started feeling muscle twitches and spasms and had to use magnesium supplements with it.” – Timothy M. 

(b). What is Stone Breaker?

Stone breaker is a blend of Chanca Piedra, burdock seed, celery seed, and hydrangea root. Herbs in the product have been sustainably wildcrafted.

The supplement is claimed to contain nothing other than the herbs and the extracting liquid. Formulators of this product claim that synthetic solvents are not present in Stone Breaker.

Stone Breaker vs Stone Free

Source: Head Pharm

Through this extracting liquid, absorption of the herb is sped up. Absorption takes place through the mucous membranes in the mouth, the stomach, and the small intestine.

Stone Breaker ingredients are claimed to be gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, certified organic and responsibly wildcrafted.

So, how does Stone Breaker work? The herbs present in the product all support the urinary tract and kidney health in one way or another. They break the kidney stones, stimulate bile production, help increase urine flow as well as kill germs.

Who manufactures Stone Breaker?

Stone Breaker has been manufactured by Head Pharm in 1979. Ed Smith and Sara Kurtz are the founders of this product. The two had the vision to make extract the right way through formulating liquid herbal products which are undistorted and effective. Their purpose was to ensure both the community and the environment are preserved.

The company’s mission is to ensure its clients get quality products while its commitment is to help communities practice safe herbalism.

Customer reviews (Stone Breaker vs Stone Free)

1. I am stone-free!

After feeling some excruciating pain in my abdominal area, I went to see the doctor and was discovered with three kidney stones of 5mm, 3mm, and 1mm. The doctor said I had 50% chance of passing the stone so I decided to check for alternative solutions that’s when I came across Stone Breaker. On the sixth day of using the product, I successfully passed stone and that says it is effective.” Richard B

2. Ingredients are different now

I have been using Stone Free for a while now, so ordered without noticing that the ingredients have been changed. Upon using only 2 pills, I felt sick, my appetite went down, I felt extreme fatigue, experienced weakness and had abdominal pains. With the addition of two ingredients and gravel root, the supplement is not like it used to be.” Jessica P

Stone free vs Stone Breaker – Ingredient Comparison

Below is a back-to-back comparison in of the key ingredients in Stone Free, and those in Stone Breaker; accompanied by what studies suggest with regard to their potency.    

 (a). Ingredients for Stone Free and their Benefits

Parsely Root – considered a tonic, it aids in the normal fluid elimination and overall genitourinary health. Through this, it enables smooth urine passage through the urinary tract, according to a publication in the American Journal of Clinical and Experimental Urology.

Coin-leaf Desmodium – helps to cleanse and flush out mineral wastes. In precise it may help in the removal of oxalate renal stones, according to one article in the British Journal of Urology.

Dandelion Root– is a cholalogue that supports digestion and also supports bile production.

Turmeric– also a cholalogue, thus aid in bile production and helps to detoxify the liver

(b). Ingredients for Stone Breaker and their Benefits

Chanca Piedra– this helps in the breaking of kidney and gallstones as suggested in a review article in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Celery Seed– is a diuretic which helps the body eliminate water through urine. It is may also be used to manage kidney stones, according to a publication in the Journal of Renal Injury Prevention.

Hydrangea Root– this ingredient is used to rid the body of urinary tract problems such as infections.

Burdock Seed– this herb increases urine flow, purifies the blood and kills germs.

Final Verdict for Stone Free vs Stone Breaker

There you have it, the complete review of both Stone Free and Stone Breaker. While experiencing kidney, liver and gall stones these two products may come in handy.

Stone Free has a blend of up to ten herbs which work towards the elimination of the mineral deposits on these vital organs and promote their general health. However, due to some addition of new ingredients, some patients may experience serious side effects.

Stone Breaker, on the other hand, helps to pass kidney stones, relieve acute pain, restore urine flow and improve kidney health. Apart from the positives, this supplement can strip off some important minerals in the body such as magnesium.

Whether you go for Stone Free or Stone Breaker, the choice is entirely yours. Weigh your options and see what to go for. The good part is, now you have the facts for both of them right on hand to make that wise decision.

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