Ultimate Flora Vs Rephresh Pro B – Which One Works Best?

General Overview About Rephresh Pro B and Ultimate Flora

You should make sure you have enough amounts of good bacteria in your body against bad bacteria to fight different health issues. This is by incorporating or increasing some foods rich in probiotics to increase the number.

Besides, you should use kimchi or pickles or fermented products for example; yogurt. However, some people might not love the taste of these products because they have a sour or salty taste.

This is the reason why we recommend probiotic supplements since they are convenient as well as simple to consume.

Besides, these supplements include potent compounds. Probiotics play a major role in women by improving their general health for their private organs.

Both Rephresh Pro B and Ultimate Flora play a similar role in balancing bacteria and yeast, particularly for women’s health. Even some people take these supplements to treat their BV.

Rephresh Pro B includes one variant for an oral supplement. Ultimate Flora is manufactured by RenewLife. This brand contains a lot of probiotic supplements but recently we focus on the Women’s Care variant only.

Rephresh Pro B Supplement  vs Ultimate Flora  

Both Ultimate Flora and Rephresh Pro B come inside a capsule or soft shell which is mostly preferred for supplements or medicine and indicates that the powder is not heat pressed. The sizes of these capsules are similar for both supplements.

They are a bit slimmer and not large unlike other supplements on the market. These supplements only differ in terms of shell color instead of white, Ultimate Flora uses transparent, clear shells. In addition, Ultimate Flora is kept in a bottle and can also be packed in a glass bottle which is said not to be safe since the glass can break when during the shipping process when you purchase it online.

These supplements are not very costly for instance, for 30 capsules count Ultimate Flora is retailed at $16.29 while Rephresh Pro B is sold at 27.15 dollars with the same count and same case like Ultimate Flora.

The Benefits of Ultimate Flora vs  Rephresh Pro B  

Both Rephresh Pro B and Ultimate Flora provide a lot of benefits to your skin. These probiotic supplements are effective for people with constipation as well as enhance their Ph. Daily usage of this supplement might lead to bowel movement.

In addition, most people claim that these probiotic supplements enhance their BV condition and they are even better than consuming antibiotics.

There are a lot of bacteria and the most common ones include Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus. For instance, L. rhamnosus is mostly found in some milk products or the gut and it’s against cavities as well as treats diarrhea or symptoms of IBS. B. lactis is included in milk and additional cured milk products. L. reuteri is mostly found in the intestine and mouth. It supports digestive as well as tooth decay.

The Compounds present in both Rephresh Pro B and Ultimate Flora  

Before shopping, you should look at the compounds present in these supplements. For example, Rephresh Pro B has 5 billion CFU as indicated on its label while Ultimate Flora provides 25 billion live cultures however, you can get those with high concentrations from (30 to 100 billion) from the brand.

Besides, these supplements have different types of probiotics. For example; Rephresh Pro B’s probiotic is their patented strains known as L. reuteri RC-14 and Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1 which are said to have gone through scientific research (10 years) and proven to offer beneficial effects on bacteria, balancing yeast, and vaginal health.

On the other hand, Ultimate Flora probiotic use Bifido (2.5 billion) and Lactobacillus (22.5) in form of Bifidobacterium longum and Bifidobacterium lactis.

The Dosage Ultimate Flora vs Rephresh Pro B

You should read the cautions or instructions indicated on each supplement to avoid taking more than the recommended dose. For instance, you should only take one capsule of Rephresh Pro B and Ultimate Flora once a day.

These capsules don’t lead to side effects like bloating as well as they don’t have a weird aftertaste which is common to most organic supplements.

Ultimate Flora and Rephresh Pro B

Unlike most probiotic products, these supplements use different types of probiotics and some effective cultures for supplementation.

Both Ultimate Flora and Rephresh Pro B are said to increase the number of effective bacteria in your body and also help in enhancing overall feminine organ health for ladies.

These supplements provide positive effects but the results might vary from individual to individual since we have different skin types.

Rephresh Pro B

  • Scientifically tested probiotic
  • You should consume 1 capsule a day
  • It balances bacteria and yeast to improve feminine health
  • Trustworthy Brand

 Ultimate Flora

  • SUPPORT DIGESTIVE HEALTH- Ultimate Flora is free of soy, dairy, and gluten. It uses a blend of 8 strains to reflect the organic diversity of the gut. Besides, women’s probiotic is effective in restoring digestive harmony.
  • GUARANTEE- This supplement is manufactured in the U.S.A. with high-quality compounds. It guarantees purity, potency, and quality through expiration. Since 2018, Renew Life is said to be the number one probiotic brand in customer satisfaction.
  • VAGINAL AND IMMUNE PROBIOTIC- Women’s Care probiotic supports both immune and digestive health. In addition, Lactobacillus formula enhances vaginal health.
  • NUMBER ONE WOMEN’S PROBIOTIC- Women’s Care Go-Pack (Probiotic) is formulated using 8 probiotic strains and 15 billion cultures.


You can choose the supplement that you feel it’s good for you. But Rephresh Pro B seems to be most effective compared to Ultimate Flora. It has most positive reviews from its customers. Besides, it seems to have low as well as more manageable dose each serving.

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