PreServision AREDS 2 Vs Ocuvite Which is Best?

Outline on Ocutive

The Ocutive  brand has different versions of eye supplements like Ocuvite like Eye Health Gummies, Eye + Multi, and 50+.

But in this article, we only focus on 50+. One box of Ocuvite includes 120 mini gels including a blend of different beneficial compounds to offer vital nutrients and enhance eye health.

This dietary supplement targets to reduce the bad effects of aging on your eye health. In addition, Ocuvite includes all essential nutrients to support individuals above 50 years to see better or enhance their overall eyes health.

Individuals might receive these nutrients from well-balanced diets but not every person eats this diet that’s why we require taking these supplements.

The Benefits and Compounds present in Ocuvite

The components inside Ocutive have research backing their activeness. Ocuvite includes the following components like Copper, Chromium, Selenium, Zinc, Thiamine, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin C, and vitamin A.

According to AREDS studies taken for 5000 individuals with early AMD prove that daily intake of vitamin E reduces AMD risk by 25%. This study contains great levels of Zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin A. Zinc is proven to be effective in absorbing vitamin A better.

Besides, it lowers the number of (free radicals) and also supports a lot of antioxidant enzymes in the human body. In addition, Zinc helps in protecting your eyes from night blindness and macular degeneration.

What is PreServision AREDS 2?

This is a dietary supplement that is formulated to reduce age-related effects like muscular degeneration also known as AMD. This supplement is claimed to provide effective minerals as well as different nutrients from various compounds to manage macular degeneration.

Each PreServision AREDS 2’s box includes 120 soft gels. They use a blend of compounds that are highly recommended by AMD specialists at the (National Eye Institute) according to the AREDS2 study.

PreServision AREDS 2 is highly recommended by doctors for reducing progression risk in individuals with moderate to developed (Age-Related Macular Degeneration).


The Benefits and Components inside PreServision AREDS 2

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits and compounds present in PreServision AREDS 2. PreServision AREDS 2 is suitable for smokers because it does not include beta carotene which is said to increase the chances of lung cancer in smokers. PreServision AREDS 2 includes the following components Cupric Oxide, Ascorbic Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Gelatin, Yellow Beeswax, DI – Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate, Soy Lecithin, Glycerin, Zinc Oxide, Soybean Oil, Extracts of Marigold Flower, extracts of paprika fruit, C Blue 1 and FD, C Red 40 and FD. These compounds offer a lot of benefits like reducing AMD symptoms, inhibiting age-related eye problems, enhancing eyesight, reducing blurred vision to enable you to see clearer and better, as well as supporting your eyes to work perfectly by offering essential minerals and nutrients.


Comparison of both PreServision AREDS 2 and Ocuvite

Let’s compare the similarities and differences between Ocuvite and PreServision AREDS 2. Comparing these supplements enables us to know which supplement is the best.

Both Ocuvite and PreServision AREDS 2 are produced by a similar company known as Bausch and Lomb Incorporated. Both supplements target to help older people in improving overall eye health. Ocuvite is claimed to be effective in replenishing nutrients lost as individuals age while is formulated to decrease AMD.


Ocuvite vs PreServision AREDS 2

Name Ocuvite PreServision AREDS 2
Main features ·       Mineral Supplement and Ocutive Adult 50+ Vitamin contains soft gel tablets(50).

·       You only take one tablet a day as recommended by a doctor

·       Supplements for grownups 50+ are eye and vision supplements that work effectively to enhance your vision and eye health

·       Manufactured by Bausch + Lomb(the best AREDS eye vitamins)

·       It’s the first to be recommended by eye doctors for individuals with moderate to advanced age-associated muscular degeneration

·       Has a nutrient formula that is highly suggested by National Eye Institute. It contains  zeaxanthin and lutein

·       It supports eye health

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Final Thought

Having eye issues might be very disturbing and annoying. This condition might prevent you from doing things you love.

It is challenging to know which supplement might work best for your eyes because there are plenty of products on the market.

Instead of wasting too much time and money when purchasing different products, we have provided you with two supplements that include Ocuvite and PreServision AREDS 2 to try.

You should consider your pocket, the components inside the supplements, and the potential side effects before making a choice. It is also advisable to know the condition of your eyes before purchasing any product to use on your eyes to avoid worsening the condition.

Seek medical advice from your doctor to ensure the supplements are safe for you to use. These supplements are essential for improving your eye condition.

It only depends on your decision, you can choose one of them. If in case, you see unwanted symptoms after using these supplements you should stop using the product immediately and consult your doctor if necessary.

Choose a supplement that will not cause any side effects to your eyes. For instance, if you have AMD, it is advisable to use PreServision AREDS 2. It seems to work best for you. Besides, people who need to replenish their lost nutrients through the aging process should try Ocuvite.

Both products are formulated using scientifically tested components that are proven to be active and safe for use.


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