C4 Original Vs Ultimate – Which is Best?

The Taste of Ultimate and C4 Original

It’s good to consider the taste of supplements before purchasing since some products might have unpleasant tastes. It is even advisable to drink these supplements using cold water to get a good taste for daily intake.

Supplements have different tastes or flavors and most of them are fruit based, unlike typical whey powder that has vanilla or chocolate flavors. Our favorites include icy blue razz and fruit punch since they taste similar to candy. There are said not to be refreshing similar to typically flavored beverages since some individuals might have a bitter taste aftertaste.


However, the dosage of Ultimate is 19 grams blended with one full cup of water while the C4 Original dosage is 6.5 grams blended with a similar amount of water. This is a reason why one canister including 320 grams of C4 Ultimate might be used for 20 servings while Original (160grams) is used for 30 servings. Ultimate is sold for 39.99 dollars for servings while C4 Original is sold at 29.99 dollars for 30 servings.



The Benefits of C4 Original and Ultimate

Both Ultimate and C4 Original offers a lot of benefits to your skin. For instance, C4 Ultimate includes 300mg of caffeine per serving which is two times the amount compared to Original. This stimulant is effective in enhancing your energy and focus when doing exercise. But it only depends on how you react to caffeine, for example,150 mg is said to be enough while using 300mg might be too much and might lead to jitter that affects your focus.


These supplements include Creatine which improves the lean of muscles as well as their recovery. It also enhances strength. Beta-alanine is also useful in decreasing muscle fatigue and improving exercise capacity. Ultimate includes Citrulline which is said to lower fatigue from workouts as well as support heart health, unlike C4 Original. In addition, it enhances the flow of the blood after adding more NO. Besides, Ultimate includes Taurine which is effective for athletic performance as it makes the muscles work longer, harder as well as contract more to enhance force.

Besides, both supplements use NALT which is L-tyrosine. Ultimate includes a lot of amino acids which are useful in promoting weight loss and building muscles. In addition, it is important in dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine production.


 The Compounds present in both Ultimate and C4 Original

Let’s compare the compounds present in both Ultimate and C4 Original. For instance, the Original formulation includes vitamin Bs and Vitamin C like folic acid and niacin. It also contains arginine, creatine, beta-alanine, and calcium. Besides, it has a blend of explosive energy including theacrine, velvet bean, caffeine, and NALT. The previous formulation of Ultimate includes the same components but with added betaine, taurine, creatine nitrate as well as a blend of Ultimate energy focus. This blend is created with a similar combination above but with added compounds like (aerial parts) huperzia serrate, citrulline malate, root extracts of rauwolfia, zembrin, and alpha-glyceryl. It also contains citrulline nitrate, citrulline malate, and L-citrulline.



Experience (C4 Original vs Ultimate)

Our bodies might react differently depending on the compounds present in both supplements. For instance, a high dose of l-tyrosine or NALT might cause fatigue in some individuals. Caffeine might cause jitters as well as increases the heart rate which might lead to some discomfort. If the Original supplement fails to provide enough kick then you should try Ultimate for it uses a new formulation.



C4 Original and Ultimate

Ultimate and C4 Original is effective for individuals who lack enough energy when doing their daily routine. Ultimate has potent compounds such as NALT and caffeine which might boost your kick if you are already used to taking a lower dosage.



C4 Ultimate

  • GOOD FLAVORS- C4 Ultimate includes the following compounds Strawberry Watermelon, Sour Batch Bros, Orange Mango, Icy Blue Razz, and Cotton Candy. Before training within 20-30 minutes, you should take one scoop of C4 Ultimate and blend it with water (10-12 fl.Oz).
  • MORE SCOOPS-C4 -Ultimate is designed using a patented and scientifically tested component that might assist the body to prolong the buildup of caffeine tolerance.
  • ENHANCE REP COUNT-Designed with CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine and also includes scientifically tested constituents like beta-alanine which is proven to improve muscular endurance as well as fight fatigue.
  • IMPROVE STRENGHT AND MUSCLE- Is designed using a Super Citrulline Pump Matrix to promote ultimate pumps as well as enhance nitric oxide.



 C4 Original

  • A LOT OF CAFFEINE-Designed using clinically and patented components that might assist the body to prolong its buildup of caffeine tolerance. Before training, for 20-30 minutes you should take one serving of sugar (free pre-workout) blended with water (6 fl. oz).
  • IMPROVE REP COUNT-C4 pre-workout for men and women is designed using CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine, a scientifically tested beta-alanine that is proven to fight fatigue as well as improve muscular endurance causing a harmless tingling sensation.
  • ENHANCE MUSCLE AND STRENGTH- Designed using a super creatine component to improve performance and strength.
  • C4 PRE WORKOUT POWDER WOMEN AND MEN-C4 Original is America’s number one selling (workout brand) and has been recognized since 2011 with servings of over 2 billion. For enhanced energy support, pumps, force, and endurance.

Summary on C4 Original and Ultimate

Both pre-workouts are important. It only depends on your choice. You should choose the one that suits your skin well.

But we highly recommend that you try C4 Original first before trying Ultimate to see the results.

Besides, if you are trying a pre-workout for the first time we suggest the Original variant it seems to be the most effective.

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