Vital Proteins Vs Garden of Life Collagen – Which is Best?

Both Vital Proteins and Garden of Life Collagen claim to be effective options for everyday collagen supplementation.

Notable also, both supplements include almost similar compounds but they also differ. Let’s take a closer look to know their differences and similarities in general.

General Outline on Garden of Life Collagen and Vital Proteins

People who consume food rich in nutrients don’t need supplementation but as they age their body functions decrease so they use usually require some supplements to enrich their diet.

Supplementation is also useful for children who are picky eaters since they don’t get the required amount of nutrients from the food.

However, we have collagen peptides that are claimed to be effective when consumed orally. They are suitable for both women and men who need to improve their general health.

Besides, collagen peptides are mostly effective for grownups who have issues with body aging like bones and skin. In addition, these peptides are sourced from marine-based collagen or cows.

That’s why well researched collagen peptides may be necessary. Garden of Life Collagen and Vital Proteins make the same claims.

Both brands get collagen from cows. These peptides provide similar benefits to your skin but they only differ in terms of compounds present in both of them.


For instance, Vital Proteins includes extra components to the mixture. This helps to enrich the formulation for marketing purposes.

On the other hand, Garden of Life Collagen is like Vital Protein. It also includes added compounds.

Both supplements are ideal for individuals who need to enhance their overall health in the long term, especially their bones.

In addition, both supplements use the same serving sizes but Vital Protein seems to be very costly compared to Garden of Life Collagen. These collagen peptides are not vegan friendly but they are suitable for paleo and keto dieters.


Formulation of both Garden of Life Collagen and Vital Proteins

Both Garden of Life Collagen and Vital Protein have a similar serving size which is 20 grams for 20 grams which are said to be enough for everyday consumption.

Currently, the price of Garden of Life Collagen is a bit cheaper compared to Vital Protein. It is sold for 31.94 dollars for 560 grams(canister) which only lasts for almost a month or 28 servings.

Besides, Vital Protein is sold at 22.48 dollars for (265 grams) canister which almost lasts for half a month or 13 servings when consumed daily.

Collagen peptides are said to be white similar to table salt and they are usually packed in a plastic canister like Garden of Life Collagen and Vital Proteins.

Some brands provide smaller packages, especially for people who need to enjoy the supplement at the gym or at work.

They are claimed to have similar colors but they lack specific smell as well as they don’t feel pleasant. For instance, some companies such as Vital Protein provide flavored variants like vanilla and chocolate.

But you have to mix the powder with additional beverages since most of them are claimed to be plain.

Benefits of Garden of Life Collagen and Vital Proteins

Collagen peptides help us to enhance our beauty. Collagen maintains our skin elasticity since our skin tends to get more wrinkles as well as looks duller as we age.

Besides, collagen peptides are scientifically proven to reduce aging signs,giving you a young-looking appearance. Collagen peptides are still beneficial in reducing joint pain which is a sign of aging.

Our bodies are capable of making collagen but it usually gets less as we age, so we are likely to have joint pain or osteoarthritis specifically the adults.

In addition, these peptides can offer protection to tendons and ligaments, especially for people who like doing exercises routinely.

Vitamin C  boosts your immune system and prevent you from getting contagious diseases. Osteoporosis is a common health issue among grownups and collagen might enhance bone density to enable you to stay active. Vital Proteins include hyaluronic acid which enhances bone health. However, Garden of Life Collagen uses probiotics to support gut health.



The Components inside Garden of Life Collagen and  Vital Proteins

The common difference between Garden of Life Collagen and Vital Proteins is the additional compounds present in both supplements. For example, Garden of Life Collagen includes probiotics inside the supplement while Vital Proteins adds Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid for a collagen peptides variant (plain). These compounds provide a lot of benefits but they don’t interfere with the formulation taste.

Both Garden of Life Collagen and Vital Proteins lack certified organics. But both brands get the collagen from (grass-fed cows) for more organic alternative. Both supplements are said to be non-GMO. If you are looking for a plain variant, it does not have food flavoring or artificial flavoring. However, the Garden of  Life includes a multi-source variant that blends turmeric and marine collagen for better taste.


Vital Proteins vs Garden of Life Collagen (Taste)

Before purchasing any supplement in the market you should consider the taste. For instance, supplements don’t have a pleasant flavor unless you add organic or artificial flavoring as well as sweeteners. But Garden of Life Collagen and Vital Proteins don’t include these components, so they usually taste similar to plain collagen which is neither bad nor delicious. You should mix the powder well with cold drinks to get fresh beverages but you still need to shake or stir the blend for it to dissolve completely. To get a good taste, you should include these collagen powders with additional drinks.

Individuals blend strong-taste drinks such as coffee to cover the taste. In addition, they include collagen powder in their meals that have strong flavors like sauces and soups.  Some people also add some to their shakers when producing a refreshing drink.



Vital Proteins vs Garden of Life Collagen (Nutritional Facts)

Both Garden of Life Collagen and Vital Proteins are said to be similar but they only differ in terms of nutritional facts. They only serve two scoops or 20 grams per 20 grams serving of collagen peptides. Garden of Life Collagen contains probiotic lactobacillus (10mgs) while Vital Protein includes vitamin C 90mg) and 80 mg of hyaluronic acid. These supplements offer proteins (18 grams) and calories (70 grams) to the diet. They still include sodium at about 4-5% or 100mg for your daily consumption.



Vital Proteins and Garden of Life Collagen

Both Garden of Life Collagen and Vital Proteins provide similar benefits since they contain two types of collagen peptides 111 and 1. In addition, you can take both supplements in moderate amounts. They don’t provide instant benefits so you need to take them for a long time and most likely for bone health. These supplements only differ in terms of added compounds. For instance, Garden of Life Collagen includes prebiotics which are claimed to support gut health. Besides, Vital Proteins contain Vitamin C which is effective in improving the production of collagen and boosting the immune system.

Garden of Life Collagen

  • 20g SIMPLE TO USE COLLAGEN- Garden of Life Collagen dissolves rapidly and is soluble in cold or hot water. You should also add it to coffee, shakes, tea, and smoothies and mix it with almond milk or water.
  • SUPPORTS DIGESTION AND GUT HEALTH- It includes 1.5 Billion of CFU for effective digestion. It’s hydrolyzed using enzymes which help to break down the collagen into amino acids for good absorption starting from your digestive tract into your bloodstream. It is considered to be highly bioavailable in your body.
  • PROVEN TO BE EFFECTIVE FOR JOINT MOBILITY-These bovine peptides include branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), and amino acids. They are both primal and vital in promoting healthy cartilage, as well as maintaining ligaments, joints, flexibility, and mobility in tissues and tendons.
  • SUPPORTS NAILS, HAIR, AND SKIN- It contains hydrolyzed collagen powder which includes 18g of protein to promote skin elasticity, healthy hair, and strong nails for effective benefits. It also helps to reduce aging signs using this beauty nail and hair supplement. It is still suitable for women and men.



Vital Proteins

  • POTENT COMPOUNDS –The blend of Original Collagen Peptides, Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid helps to enhance the overall health of your skin, tendons, ligaments, bones, joints, bones, nails, and hair.
  • BIOAVAILABLE COLLAGEN PEPTIDES POWDER- It is easily digested as well as absorbed by your body rapidly for optimum benefits. It is derived from grass-fed,( pasture-raised bovine).
  • MADE WITH-Certified Whole30(r) and Approved Paleo Friendly. It does not include sweeteners or sugars. It is free of dairy and gluten.
  • SIMPLE TO USE- You only need to take 1-2 scoops daily. This supplement dissolves as well as digests easily in hot or cold liquids such as smoothies, tea, and coffee.



Both products are essential, you only need to choose the best one depending on your likes. Vital Protein is very costly but it includes additional compounds that might enhance your benefits.

For example, it has vitamin C which is said to promote the natural production of collagen.  If you consume another supplement or have taken enough vitamin C, Garden of Life is the best choice for long-term use.

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