C4 Sport Vs C4 Extreme – Are they the Same?

Which one is the best between C4 Sport and C4 Extreme?

Doing exercise is very important since it enables you to keep your body fit and healthy. But some people usually need good dietary support to enhance their performance while doing workouts. Below we have provided you with the two best ones to choose from that including C4 Extreme Vs C4 Sport. These pre-workouts are designed using potent compounds that have research backing their effectiveness in boosting your energy. However, these products differ in terms of their formulation. But let’s take a closer look at both workouts to know more about their differences and similarities.


General Summary on C4 Extreme and C4 Sport

We can get energy naturally by developing effective habits like eating a good diet, and getting enough rest since they don’t cause any side effects besides, they enhance your general health. But if you’re looking for a good workout supplement there are plenty in the market but instead of checking one by one, we have provided you with two of them. Both C4 Sport and C4 Extreme can be purchased from nearby stores or online stores. These pre-workouts are claimed to be effective since their customers have the freedom to choose the one that suits them well from a big range of formulations.


It’s very difficult to determine which product is most effective since both workouts are claimed to boost your performance as well as offer your body good nutrients. But if you are targeting to have surging energy to complete your routine then C4 Extreme and C4 Sport are the best alternatives to consider. They appear to be similar but they somehow differ since Extreme is said to use an advanced formula, unlike C4 Sport. Besides, the types of compounds present in both workouts are quite similar but they differ in terms of consistency. In addition, both C4 Extreme and C4 Sport also vary considering the number of compounds used in their formulation. However, CR Extreme is said to be a great choice since it’s simpler as well as considered to be a straightforward supplement.


 Safety( C4 Sport Vs C4 Extreme)

C4 Extreme and C4 Sport enhance workout performance and are scientifically proven to be safe when consumed by their customers. C4 Sport is NHS certified. You are advised to take plenty of water when doing exercise to prevent dehydration. Besides, these supplements might add more energy during workouts. In addition, enough rest, as well as a healthy diet, might be very important during a workout.


 Formulation of both C4 Extreme and C4 Sport

You should taste workout supplements before purchasing them this is because these products usually have different tastes. For example, Fruit Punch is claimed to be an unpleasant flavor. It is also good to follow the instructions indicated on these workout supplements to avoid undesired side effects. You should take a powder (one scoop) blended with (6 fl. Oz. )of water within 20-30 minutes before doing the exercise. C4 Extreme and C4 Sport are considered to have a good flavor of Icy Bluerazz and Watermelon. Besides, they are other different flavors like Sour Batch Bros and Ultra Frost. However, you might experience a tingling sensation after taking the beverage because of the key component inside the workout supplement but it does not cause any harm.



The benefits of C4 Extreme and C4 Sport                           

Both C4 Extreme and C4 Sport contain a Creatine that is useful in the production of ATP or the most basic cell’s energy forms and this helps improve your performance during training sessions (heavy). Besides, we have a Beta-Alanine that is contained in Sports Performance Blend which is essential in the production of carnosine. In addition, this component affects muscle strength in great-intensity training. C4 Sport contains both vitamin B12 and B6 unlike, C4 Extreme. B12 supports red blood cells and also helps in converting protein into energy. Besides, its deficiency might lead to tiredness and anemia. Vitamin B6 helps in the production of energy by breaking down glycogen muscle. However, C4 Sport does not include Citrulline Nitrate which is said to be L-Citrulline bonded using nitrates. It is claimed to be active in the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator therefore; it might enhance the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to working muscles while training.



The Compounds present in both C4 Extreme and  C4 Sport

Before buying any supplement it’s good to check well on the components present in it. The manufacturers might change their formulations now and then so it’s good to read the product label to get accurate information about the supplement. For instance, C4 Sport is made with different patented blends including Energy Blend and Performance Blend with Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, and Vitamin Bs.

On other hand, C4 Extreme is claimed to be simpler and it includes the following components: Huperzine A, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Caffeine, Creatine Nitrate, Citrulline Nitrate, and Beta Alanine


 Overview on C4 Extreme and C4 Sport

These products include creatine and caffeine which are well-known for boosting body energy. When you consume caffeine with other caffeine beverages for a whole day it might cause unwanted side effects. The C4 Sport does not contain Citrulline Nitrate but it includes more minerals and vitamins for the human body.


C4 Extreme


  • C4 Extreme Energy provides a potent energy dose, focus, performance, endurance, and pumps including calories, and carbs, with no Sugar, 300mg caffeine, 1g Citrulline Malate, 1g Arginine AKG, 1g Creatine Nitrate, and 3.2g CarnoSyn – (Beta-Alanine).


  • Each cellular product is scientifically tested and sourced in the United States. All its sales have a money-back guarantee of 30 days.


  • C4 Extreme is clinically tested and includes patented compounds


  • C4 Extreme has explosive energy, an overwhelming urge to solve any challenge, and heightened focus.


C4 Sport

  • C4 Sport has a good flavor unlike other supplements on the market. It has Watermelon, Fruit Punch, and Blue Raspberry flavors. Before training, within 20-30 minutes you should take one scoop of C4 Sport blended with water(6-8 fl. oz.).


  • C4 Sport is scientifically tested by third parties. It is certified by NSF for Sport (an independent certification program well-known by the (USADA) United States Anti-Doping Agency, Canadian Football League, National Hockey League, and Major League Baseball.


  • C4 Sport is designed using CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine which is clinically tested and proven to be effective in supporting muscular endurance and fighting fatigue and causes a harmless tingling sensation.


  • This supplement is designed using a nitrogen compound to create lean muscle mass and enhances strength in each athlete from pro to daily.




You should choose the best supplement between C4 Sport and C4 Extreme depending on your likes.  It’s also good to consider the flavors of the supplement, for instance, these supplements have good favors of Icy Bluerazz and Watermelon. In addition, these products have a sports variant in terms of formulation.


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