Florajen Vs Align – What’s the Comparison?

Which one is most effective between Florajen and Align?

If you have digestive issues caused by microbiome imbalance you might try different products that are widely available in the market. For instance, you might fix the issues by using some diets like prebiotic foods or typical probiotics but if you are not fond of them you can use some supplements. Most supplements are sold in form of capsules including the live or active cultures that are effective in helping your body to balance or include more effective bacteria. Besides, these supplements target to enhance the overall digestive system while some variants like Rephresh Pro B and Ultimate Flora are formulated to improve urinary or vaginal health which is a health issue among most women.

For instance, we have two well-known probiotic supplements that include Align and Florajen. These products provide a lot of benefits to their customers and you can only get effective results after consuming them daily.

These products are claimed to have different taglines as well as reasons why they are said to be the best choice. Let’s look at each product to know its benefits to its users.

For example, Align is among the best probiotic supplement sold in the market with many customers claiming to be effective. Align is highly recommended by doctors and gastroenterologists who are well-known to recommend the probiotic brand in ProVoice since the 2008 – 2019 survey.


However, Florajen has been in the market for quite some years. It offers different probiotic supplements for you to try depending on your preferences. But recently we are going to look at the Digestion variant only.

There are still other variants that people might choose like kids variants, extra potency variants, as well as women’s intimate organ health variants.



The General Overview of Align and Florajen Supplements

Both Align and Florajen have small white capsules that are simple to be consumed by many people, unlike other supplements. Besides, both supplements are packed in card boxes but only differ in the way the capsules are stored. In each strip, Align has 7 capsules while there are 9 strips in each box of 63 capsules. Recently, this variant is sold at 41.42 dollars per 63 capsules which is costly compared to other similar supplements in the market.

On the hand, Florajen is packed in plastic bottles and it should always be refrigerated. So if your purchasing this product online you should make sure it is contained in a cold pack or kept in an effective temperature-controlled container. Currently, Florajen is retailed at $23.47 per 60 capsules.



The Benefits of Align and Florajen

These supplements enhance digestion health by reducing gas, constipation, heartburn, and bloating which might be brought by good bacteria imbalance in your stomach. Besides, these products enhance vaginal health in females. In addition, some individuals take these supplements while taking antibiotics or after taking antibiotics to help them to restore their bacteria. However, Align and Florajen include live culture. You are advised to keep the products in the refrigerator to improve their performance.



The Compounds present in both Align and Florajen

Let’s compare the compounds present in both Align and Florajen.  Both products are claimed to contain live probiotics but each supplement has its formulations as well as uses its blend of compounds to optimize its benefits. For example, Florajen uses a blend of different strains in the formulation of its supplement while Align uses only one. In general, these strains are claimed to improve bowel health and effectively survive in a gut to work actively.


On the other hand, Floragen is formulated using L. acidophilus NCFM, B. Lactis HN019, B. lactis BI-07, L. acidophilus LA-14, and b. Align has a B. Longum subsp. longum 35624 with a total of 1 billion live bacteria while Longum BL-05 has more than 15 billion live cultures in each capsule. Probiotic strains usually differ but the types present in these probiotic supplements include bifidobacteria, some yeasts, and lactobacilli. Longum 35624 inside Align is a well-known probiotic that is useful for IBS thus enhancing the digestive system. However, L. Acidophilus NCFM  is a researched strain that is proven to survive alive in a gut and is known to reduce bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and IBS-related pain.



The Dosage of Both Align Dosage and Florajen  

The probiotic supplements are said to be most effective compared to typical dietary supplements in terms of dosage since you only need to take the supplements one time a day. Good examples of these probiotic supplements include Align and Florajen. You are required to take these supplements in the morning or before taking any meal. But for people who don’t like taking breakfast, they can take the supplements at noon or an hour before taking the meal.


Align and Florajen are claimed to be active in helping individuals with digestive issues whether it’s caused by some existing health problems, dietary imbalance, or the kind of food they take. These products are said to differ in their formulation but they deliver similar benefits specifically for typical digestive issues.


 Florajen’s dosage

  • Florajen is confirmed to be effective and safe since it contains good strains with the right cell counts. Besides, it is said to be bile tolerant plus stomach acid resistant making it effective for intestinal survival.
  • Florajen was manufactured using GMP-certified facilities in the U.S.A. This supplement is allergen-free. It does not contain fish, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, crustacean shellfish, eggs, or milk. Besides, it’s free of preservatives, coloring, dairy, and gluten. It is also a Non-GMO, Kosher.
  • This supplement offers probiotic benefits like promoting the natural body balance of effective bacteria. Florajen also supports urinary, digestive, and immune health.
  • Florajen includes Lactobacillus acidophilus which might help keep everyday health.



Align’s dosage

  • Align is designed using scientifically tested compounds. Besides, it includes a good level of live cultures and CFUs.
  • This product is a heat-foil seal covered to sustain survivability. Besides, it is DNA tested to manage Bifidobacterium 35624 levels.
  • Align includes (Bifidobacterium 35624) a probiotic strain that naturally works to improve the digestive system with effective bacteria.
  • This supplement is mostly recommended by Doctors and Gastroenterologists more than other probiotics brand.


Final Thought

It’s your choice to choose between these products. Both work to improve digestive problems. But it’s good to consider your skin type, the components inside these products, and the price.

Choose a product that suits your skin well to avoid unwanted effects. But between these products we recommend you a give a trial to Align first since this brand has a good reputation of working well.


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