Dymatize ISO 100 Vs Elite – Which is Better?

Which one is better Elite or Dymatize ISO 100?

We should eat a good diet with enough protein to improve our bodily functions as well as enhance our performance. Besides, eating this food we still need to take whey protein like Elite and Dymatize ISO 100 to increase our intake of protein. These supplementations are claimed to be effective and safe for use. You should check what they make to see if it matches your preference.


 What is Whey Protein?

Besides, using workouts like C4 Sport and Extreme we still need enough protein to improve our body by building muscles that’s why we recommend a why protein. A whey protein is extracted from milk. This protein is mainly found inside the watery part of the milk that floats on the top when creating cheese. In the past, producers used to dump this portion before knowing the benefits of using it.  This protein needs to go through some steps to make it more effective for use by its customers. This is a reason why we include some ingredients or a blend of compounds to improve the taste of the protein. For instance, whey protein is a blend of proteins that are extracted from whey during the process of creating cheese. The milk includes two forms of protein named whey and casein. Casein has 80% while the remaining percentage is occupied by whey.


Whey protein is effective for individuals who lack protein consumption and wants to enhance their diet or is good for people who need to shape their body since the protein is well-known for improving bodily functions.  Besides, whey protein is useful for everyday supplementation for people who need to lose their weight by adding more protein and decreasing carbs intake.


  Dymatize Elite   Dymatize ISO 100
Shipping Weight 0.04 Ounces    1.6 Pounds
 Product Dimensions  8 x 8 x 11.85 inches  5.91 x 5.91 x 9.84 inches
Best offer  Price Price



Overview (Dymatize ISO 100 Vs Elite)

You can get whey protein almost everywhere in the market. You should consider your skin type to avoid unwanted effects as well as the nutritional value.  Besides, you should choose a product depending on your cash. Both Elite variants and Dymatize ISO 100 are easily digested and absorbed to provide your body with the required nutrients. In addition, Elite and Dymatize ISO 100 are claimed to be promising, though in terms of package ISO 100 is packed less compared to Elite. For people who don’t take plenty of protein foods, they might get half portion of protein intake daily per serving.



The Compounds present in Elite and Dymatize ISO 100

It is advisable to check on what you are taking to avoid some components that are present in protein shakes like artificial sweeteners. Both Elite and Dymatize ISO 100 are formulated using whey protein isolate, hydrolyzed (whey protein isolate), as well as a flavoring of your preferences. Besides, Elite has a blend of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate including flavorings as well as whey peptides. Apart from using sucralose, Elite also uses stevia extract to add more sweetness to the beverage.



 The Taste of Elite and Dymatize ISO 100

We should consider the flavors of both workout shakes and whey protein when purchasing them. The flavor does not affect the effectiveness of the product but it’s good to choose a supplement that benefits us directly as well as enjoy consuming it on every day. Elite and Dymatize ISO 100 have different flavors so choose the one that you like. For instance, ISO 100 includes more flavors than Elite. Though, Elite contains fancy flavors such as mocha and peanut butter.

However, preferences might differ but we do consider typical tastes like mocha or chocolate to be most effective while the rest are still fine. The flavorings are quite good and for those who love chocolate, these shakes are delicious too. The powder blends perfectly with water minus clumping. You can also mix the powder with other compounds to improve the nutrient amount or taste per serving.



 Benefits of both Elite and Dymatize ISO 100

Let’s compare the differences and similarities of both Dymatize ISO 100 and Elite. Both are claimed to use whey protein isolate. Besides, Elite includes whey concentrate. Whey concentrate is effectively used to make whey isolate so it has a lower concentration than why isolate. It is already concentrated but it still goes through a process to lower the carbohydrates and fats extracted from protein, till it reaches 90% constancy weight. It does not affect the kind of amino acids present in the two forms but it only affects the concentration in each weight. Elite also includes whey peptides which are said to be similar to protein. The only difference is that protein is created with 50 amino acids or more while peptides are molecules created using 2-50 amino acids. Whey peptides are isolates of amino acids which are said to be extracted from longer molecules of whey proteins.

However, whey peptides aim at making good supplements by blending different forms of whey protein. It enhances amino acid absorption and utilization in the human body and it also improves whey protein benefits (post-workout supplement).

The Nutrients of Elite and Dymatize ISO 100

Elite and Dymatize ISO 100 slightly differ basing on nutrients present in both products. However, per serving the number of proteins is similar or 25 grams (50%). The only difference is that Elite includes iron, fiber, potassium, calcium, and fat. The supplement might be useful in increasing daily intake as we take the protein. You may not notice the benefits directly but it’s advisable to enrich your meal since you receive a lot of them from the serving.


Elite vs Dymatize ISO 100

Most of us don’t take enough proteins from the meals we consume because of different reasons, that’s why we take whey proteins to improve our protein intake. For example; Elite and Dymatize ISO 100 are designed to better your diet or enhance your exercise result. The only difference is that Dymatize Elite includes a lot of nutrients as well as combines different forms of whey protein to enhance supplement performance.

Dymatize Elite

  • 5-pound jar (chocolate mint flavored whey protein supplement)
  • Dymatize Elite is scientifically said to be 100% whey protein, fast-absorbing, and fast-digesting
  • Packaging might differ
  • Effective post, pre-workouts, or anytime for quality supplementation of protein

Dymatize ISO 100

  • You should not use more than 1 gram of sugar and fat per serving
  • Per serving using Leucine( 7 grams), (BCAAs) branched-chain amino acids of 5.5 grams, and protein (25 grams)
  • Dymatize ISO 100 is scientifically proven to be whey protein isolate100%, hydrolyzed as well as offers a quick digest
  • For 23 Servings use 1.6 lbs of (Dymatize ISO100 Gourmet Chocolate Protein Powder)

 Final Thought

You can choose between these two supplements depending on your preferences and tastes. But we highly recommend Dymatize Elite since it has good taste as well as is easily absorbed into your body.

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