Equelle Review – Does it Really Help?

Introduction to Equelle

Equelle is a non-prescription supplement presented as an effective hot-flash relief. It reduces the intensity and intensity of hot flashes with regular use evident from those who used it.

It is also said to work on other menopause symptoms such as mood swings, irritability, and muscle aches.

How Do Equelle’s Key Ingredients Work?

Equelle has only one most effective ingredient which they say is the best when it comes to menopause symptoms. This ingredient is s – equol (fermented soy germ)

s-equol is a  plant-based compound derived from daidzein. It has the same structure as estrogen and thus binds estrogen receptors in effect making the body think that estrogen levels are as high as they were before. This particular stand is according to one publication in a Journal by the Iranian Public Health.

The Science Behind Equelle

Equelle works primarily on the hormonal fluctuations and estrogen decrease that is caused by menopause. It binds to the estrogen receptors just like estrogen.

The supplement together with the bond help reduces hot flashes and muscle aches brought about by menopause.

Equelle Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It is a hormone-free supplement
  • It may reduce the effect of hot flashes
  • It may improve mood and promote good feeling
  • It may relieve muscle discomfort associated with men


  • It is not suitable for an individual with soy allergy
  • It may not be effective for other menopause symptoms such as vaginal dryness
  • It may result in a gastrointestinal upset as one of the adverse effects
  • It would take some time of regular use before the results are seen.

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Consumer Questions and Answers

Q: How to use Equelle

A: For the best results 2 tablets of equelle should be used daily, with or without food. Taken with a full glass of water. It can be consumed with food and drinks. The supplement may be taken until the symptoms are there no more.

Q: What are Equelle’s Side Effects?

A: Equelle has a gastrointestinal upset effect. Therefore not advisable for those with this condition. Apart from this, it is good to go for users.  It provides a safe and very effective solution to hot flashes unless they have a history of allergy to any component or ingredient used.

Pregnant, nursing women and women who are currently on hormone therapy must talk to their health care specialist first before using equally. The same goes to individuals using any medication

Q: Who is this product designed for?

A: Equelle is recommended for all women who experience episodes of hot flashes. Women who underwent hysterectomy may also use this product. Meanwhile, those who have or had breast cancer must consult their healthcare specialists first prior to using this product.

Q: Does it have a return policy?

A: For the unsatisfied users, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee. The refund is up to $ 79.90 plus applicable taxes. The refund is limited to two bottles only per household.

Equelle Customer Reviews and Results

Those who used equally approve the effectiveness of the product for hot flashes, mood issues and muscle ache.

The customer reviews we found are those on the official website which are all positive.

EQuelle Best Deals and Prices

A container of equelle contains 120 tablets which cost $39.95 if you sign for the monthly subscription.

For a one time purchase, it costs $45.95. It can be bought directly from the official site or other online retailers.

The Conclusion                                     

Equelle is a menopausal support dietary supplement containing that pride of one so-called effective secret ingredient. This ingredient is no other than soy germ obtained from natural resources. It is said to have the power to claim menopausal symptoms. It also helps in reducing sweats, headaches, hormonal imbalance, and hot flashes.

Point to note here is that the secret ingredient soy is an allergen. Therefore those with soy allergy the product may not be that effective.

Equelle if used for a long period may create reliant, so if the hot flushes fail to subside there may be a need to consume it for longer periods.

One More Thing about Equelle

The good news is that equelle offers reward to its clients. For you to earn the reward, you simply need to do the following.

  • Create an account with equelle.
  • Be active in your subscription.
  • Review the product.
  • Follow the company’s social media sites.

After earning enough points, you may redeem them from your rewards account and get a discount in your next order.

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