Instaflex vs. Osteo Bi-Flex – Which One is Best?

Instaflex and Osteo Bi-Flex are both pain support supplements. The products are focused on offering relief to painful muscles and joints. However, each supplement has a unique or different effect on the body. In this post, we compare Instaflex and Osteo Bi-Flex.

(a). What is Instaflex?

Instaflex is a joint formula that offers quick pain relief in joints and lessens stiffness. In particular, Instaflex supposedly works better at improving mobility. What it does is it eases joint discomfort caused by conditions like arthritis to help improve mobility. Worth a mention is that, some celebrity football players like Doug Flutie endorsed this supplement and considers it helpful in his daily routine.

Who manufactures Instaflex?

Instaflex is manufactured by a company named Instaflex. The company describes Instaflex as an effective joint care formula calling its success in lubricating joints and offer optimal joint functioning.

Customer reviews (Instaflex vs. Osteo Bi-Flex)

1.Instaflex Reviews

“Instaflex is effective, and close to my 14-day trial end, I have no more joint stiffness. However, Instaflex is quite pricey. I would also request the company to have offers for repeat customers.”

2.Osteo Bi Flex Reviews

I tried it for some days am not excited on how effective. I will, however, be in a more comfortable position after completing the 14-day trial. It, however, does wonders with muscle pains.

(b). What is Osteo Bi Flex?

Osteo Bi-Flex is a supplement that supplies nutrients to joints and muscles. It supposedly delivers important nutrients to joints tissues and muscles. It features ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin, which according to some research agree may help improve joint inflammation and pain. However, some users may notice mild side effects, especially if you react to some of its ingredient components. Apart from the side effects, Osteo Bi-Flex is affordable and effective.

Who manufactures Osteo Bi Flex?

Osteo Bi-Flex Company manufactures Osteo Bi-Flex. Osteo Bi Flexis a joint and muscle paint formula and recommended explicitly for athletes, aging persons, and runners.

Customer reviews (Osteo Bi Flexvs Product ‘A’)

1.Osteo Bi Flex Customer feedback/comment

“Osteo Bi Flex was recommended by a friend after experiencing knee and elbow pain. After a week of using Osteo Bi-Flex, the pains are gone” – Chris

2.Instaflex Customer feedback/comment

“I have been experiencing knee and joint pains for years. I had previously tried many medications with no success. However, four days after using Instaflex, all the pains are gone.” – Lee

Instaflex Ingredients 

(a). Ingredients for Instaflex and their Benefits

Instaflex ingredients include; AprèsFlex, Resveratrol, Hyaluronic Acid, Black Pepper Extract, and Turmeric.


  • Turmeric – This ingredients may help reduce cell inflammation. It may also help improve arthritic pain as well as a support component in caring for bronchial asthma as suggested by one article in the Journal of Nutrition Today.
  • Resveratrol – This ingredient might play a role in enabling proper blood circulation. This allows nutrients to be delivered therefore providing joint support, according to the Journal of Medical Food. It may help the joint support as it also helps in nutrient delivery.

Osteo Bi FlexIngredients

(b). Ingredients for Osteo Bi Flexand their Benefits

Osteo Bi Flex ingredients include;

  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin – Glucosamine is a sugar protein found in bones such as fungus, bone marrow, and shellfish. A review article in the  World Journal of Orthopedics suggests it helps the body build cartilage.
  • Chondroitin is a sugar chain substance that enables joints flexibility and maintains body fluid running across the joint areas. As review article in National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health point out that combining this ingredient with glucosamine may be effective in easing osteoarthritis pain.

Which is Better Instaflex vs Osteo Bi Flex

Both Instaflex and Osteo Bi Flex might be effective in the treatment of joints and muscle pain. However, each of them is effective towards a specific joint pain.

It’s also important to consider the side affects you may face. Some of the customers who used Instaflex complained about experiencing allergic reactions, while Osteo Bi-Flex customers felt minimum or less progress after several days.

Ideally, both Instaflex and Osteo Bi Flex have people who appreciate one over the other, which is likely because our bodies are different, and react differently to substance. Osteo Bi Flex may be effective in osteoarthritis pain support. While Instaflex may be most recommended for athletes, aging persons and runners, ideally for the type of discomfort that results from mechanical related issues.

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