Luna Trim Review: Does it Really Work???

About Luna Trim

Diet pills are particularly good for people who want a quick weight loss solution and this is one product that claims to offer such benefits. So what exactly is Luna Trim?

Answer: Luna trim is a dietary supplement that helps its users burn calories and subsequently lose weight faster.

It is designed to assist you shed weight naturally and also to transform your body to look younger, as purported by its producer.

luna trim reviews

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We dig into all the detail in this Luna Trim review to help you evaluate the product, to see the type of weight-loss supplement it is, what it promises to do, and whether it is worth trying.

The ever-growing need to stay in good shape  

Staying in shape is almost everyone’s wish and so most people these days are always looking for ways they can reduce some weight.

There are many ways one can lose excess weight and have a healthy looking body. Working out and reducing food portions is what most people have in mind.

According to its manufacturer, this formula has high potent ingredients that help your body deal with excessive fats much faster.

According to the manufacturer, Luna Trim goes farther to assist people who have hit a weight-loss plateau by helping them get back to their goal of a slim body. As in, diet pill supplements have become sort of an additional tool that helps people to generally enhance their efforts to shed weight.

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luna trim review

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Work out and dieting take lots of energy, and to avoid turn offs when starting out your journey to a slim body, the makers of weight loss pills say you can incorporate an effective supplement that may help quicken the process of fat burning. Nonetheless, with persistence, your body is bound to adjust to the hardships without any outside assistance.

Who is the Manufacturer of Luna Trim

The answer to this is; there is very little information about the company behind this product. Luna trim’s official website is also not hinted anywhere online; seems they are selling this stuff exclusively through retailer websites, some of which are simple advert pages set up by marketers.

That’s why it is better to inquire about it through online stores that are reputable other than a single page website. The maker also insists that Luna Trim is GMP certified and is manufactured inside a government registered lab.

Another luna trim alternative is VINTAGE BURN Fat Burner:

luna trim review

How does Luna Trim Work

The producer explains that this product works by burning fat in the body. Ideally, what dietary formulas depend on are potent ingredients that simply strengthen the body’s natural mechanism of using the stored fats.

This can be through instructing fat cells to avail their stored fats for burning, or by hindering any more storage of fats in certain areas of the body. It is also said that the product helps preserve the lean muscles thereby assisting the user to gain a slim sexy body.

Using Luna Trim as prescribed means that the user would maintain a slim body always since the body will always burn any new fat that’s being formed, as in it makes the body become an ever-ready fat burning furnace.

According to retailer websites, the information given is that the product precisely adds more energy to the body which affects or enhances the process of metabolism.

Metabolism is the biological mechanism of breaking and burning fats for fuel, and when this process is well functional, a person is able to maintain their weight health naturally.

Atrafen Elite also works the same way:

luna trim review

Luna Trim Ingredients – Are they Safe & Effective?

The ingredients used in most effective diet pills are always natural, meaning they contain less or completely no filler ingredients. Natural also means the complete absence of synthetic ingredients, that’s what you will likely find with the best diet pills. Luna Trim claims it is meant to help people look their best by using handpicked, top quality and all natural constituents.

The manufacturer features three main building components in this dietary formulation, which are completely natural and pure. These ingredients are said to be very effective and that they might re-energize your body as well as your fat burning process if taken on a daily basis. So Luna Trim ingredients are:

  • Garcinia Cambogia – this ingredient is found in most weight loss supplements. It is said to act as an appetite suppressant. In some pieces of research, this garcinia cambogia ingredient makes you feel full, which consequently reduces your food portions. Less food intake will in the long term translate to help you lose more weight.
  • Forskolin – this is another ingredient that is also popular in most weight-loss products. It is supposed to work hand in hand with garcinia cambogia and ginseng in Luna Trim, to help you in losing weight. On its part, it is meant to stimulate fat release from the stored fat in the body. This means that metabolism will be increased.
  • Ginseng – ginseng has not only been used in many weight loss supplements but it has also been used in other medical uses by most native Americans and Chinese. Ginseng in Luna Trim is intended to work hand in hand with the other ingredients to aid you in losing weight naturally. Ginseng helps improve metabolism reducing the formation of fats in the body or reducing the amount of calories being turned to fat in by the body. This is the ingredient that is purported to help you revive your metabolism rate and therefore adding up to your energy. All these three mentioned ingredients are natural and that is why the manufacturer claims they are side-effect-free and recommends daily use, as well as guarantee safety even with long term consumption.

Advantages of using Luna Trim

  • The product is said to boost the body’s metabolism which makes losing weight faster and efficient without you having to feel weak.
  • Helps make dieting easier by suppressing appetite, making you feel full faster.
  • The results are said to be long term if it is used correctly and regularly.
  • The ingredients are claimed to be all natural which means there may be no synthetic ingredients.
  • Luna Trim claims to inhibit or regulate the formation and storage of new fats from being formed, which means that there will be no more weight gain.

Disadvantages of using Luna Trim

  • It is probably not very safe for people with blood pressure maybe because it accelerates the body’s metabolism.
  • Luna trim results may vary from person to person

Frequently Asked Questions About Luna Trim

1 Q. Am over 40 years old, can Luna Trim work for me?

Ans. Yes, it can and will work for you, the Luna Trim product does not work for a particular age group, it works for everyone. The only groups exempted from using this product are the under 18s, and people with blood pressure since the product is said to accelerate metabolism which can be dangerous to people with blood pressure.

2 Q. After how long should I expect some changes?

Ans. Different people get results or body changes using Luna Trim at different times, depending on some circumstances. The manufacturer claims that if taken correctly then you are bound to see changes faster, but still, it is advisable that you be patient when using any weight-loss pill, as they are sometimes slow in delivering their promise.

3 Q. Does this work for women only or I can also use it as a man?

Ans. The product is said to work for both men and women so you as a man, you are free to use it.

4 Q. Do I need a prescription to access the product?

Ans. No, the makers say you can easily access it online without a prescription – or over the counter.

5 Q. How is Luna Trim used?

Ans. The direction for using Luna Trim diet pills is simply: swallow one capsule before you have your first meal and the second capsule before having your second meal. It’s just as easy as that.

6 Q. Luna Trim side effects

Ans. The producer of this diet pill says it is all-natural and therefore does not have any serious side effects. However, to understand the possible side effects of Luna Trim we need to look at each individual ingredient, to get an estimate of what to expect as from this product as negative reactions.

For instance, the common side effect in Forskolin is increased heart rate, those of garcinia cambogia include stomach upset, dry mouth, dizziness and headache, and finally, those of Ginseng include insomnia, breast tenderness, rapid heartbeat and insomnia.

Nonetheless, all these side effects are always short-lived and fade away as the body adjusts to the supplement.

7 Q. How much does Luna Trim cost?

Ans. Since the product does not have an official website, the product can be found on retailer sites where it costs $49.95 for a bottle with 60 capsules.

To take advantage of the discounted price one may order the 3 bottles pact at $129.95 (which makes each bottle $43.3), or the 5 bottle bundle at $199.95 (which makes one bottle $39.99).

8 Q. Where to buy Luna Trim

Ans. The answer is you can order this weight trim supplement online from retailer websites since the producer is selling it through them. Aspiring users should also not expect to find Luna Trim in stores as at current, but it is likely going to be available with time.

9 Q. What is Luna Trim’s review return policy?

Ans. This is not so clear since the company does not state it anywhere online, neither does the retailer’s websites state how they handle returns.

10 Q. Does Luna Trim offer free trials for their product?

Ans. This too is not clearly elaborated, even the single page advert websites do not state this either.

11 Q. Luna Trim Real Reviews: what do honest customers say about it?

Ans. From our overview, most Luna Trim reviews are positive, some are however negative depending on what exactly the user was expecting to get from the product, for instance, some people expected faster results, others a suppressed appetite and others a huge amount of drop in their weight-scale within a set period of time.

Fiona Jones says,

“My Luna trim results are impressive! My weight scale shows I lost 7kgs within 1.5 months. At that rate, my projection is that by the end of 6 months I will have shoved another not less than 20kgs to be realistic. Seems my body is super-responsive to this diet pills because, I can the results are not wholly impacted by my exercise routine, though I increased my workout time by 15 minutes every day.”


“This stuff makes me feel good and productive, could this be translated to mean my body is burning more fats? I hope so! Will order a portable weight scale to help me monitor how this goes.”

Jim says,

“I think this formula works best with women because my wife is getting good results, yet I personally don’t seem to get any…?”

Morgan says,

“Working but it’s too expensive!”

Most reviewed luna trim alternative: is alli Diet Pills…

luna trim review

Luna Trim Review – Final Verdict

Since losing weight has become a topic in the minds of a lot of people, new ways and methods have erupted to try and solve the problem. Some people may prefer natural solutions and therapies such as hypnosis, acupuncture, Ayurveda, acupressure, and supplements for weight loss. Luna Trim weight loss program fits in this list as one of the purportedly best diet pills in the market today as it increases metabolism, inhibits fat formation and helps to control appetite.

On the negative note, some users may not like the fact that the manufacturer of this product does not offer free trials. It’s also not clear why the producer has not publically revealed their official website.

Well, that obviously may not impact the effectiveness of the product but it’s important that users get all or as much information about the product as they wish, and that should be the responsibility of the manufacturer.

Nonetheless, people who are after quick weight loss solutions are more likely to like this product, but hey, let’s be factual again. Our bodies may take time before they adjust to the impact of a new formula. And since we are all totally different by design and how our bodies function, it’s obvious that some people will see results later than expected.

In general Luna Trim’s manufacturers say their product is wholly natural and therefore it leaves you feeling good and energized, which means you are likely to be productive the whole time you will be using this stuff.

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Luna Trim Alternatives

Dietary pills are meant to boost or accelerate fat burning, and sometimes it’s just good to know that there are other alternatives you can use in case you are not completely satisfied with the pill you are using.

5 Best diet pills that offer alternative to Luna Trim are as below:

  1. alli Diet Pills
  2. VINTAGE BURN Fat Burner
  3. Atrafen Elite
  4. Genius Fat
  5. SKALD First Fat Burner

Yes, this Luna Trim review is long but you can also see it is detailed. So what is the conclusion, should you buy this dietary formula? Looking at both the good and the bad, it’s clear that this stuff is worth giving a try. However, the best decision would be going by one of the above alternatives as those have already been proven to work.

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