Uriflow Reviews: Does it Really Work?

What is Uriflow?

Uriflow is a health supplement that claims to use an improved kidney supportive formula that is based on current research standards.

The producer highlights that it is a non-prescription but doctor recommended renal supplement.

It is easy to tell that with their long money-back guarantee that extends up to a whole year, the producer of this formulation is confident that the product is likely to deliver its promise.

Uriflow is supposedly one of the oldest kidney supplements that has survived in the competition so far.

Uriflow Overview

Uriflow is one of the few supplements that claim to have over 100,000 customer reviews, with over 80% of them being mostly positive.

Lately, there has been an acute rise in products that aim to support kidney health and Uriflow is one of them.

uriflow reviews

Source: Uriflow

People and doctors alike agree that organic formulations or supplements that are all-natural promise better healthcare with no or fewer consequences or side effects.

Well, besides that, in this Uriflow review we will see why the product is getting more attention from both the old and new customers.

Who is the Manufacturer of Uriflow?

The company behind Uriflow is non-other than Uriflow and one of their main distributors is BioNeutrix Healthcare. Yes, it’s kind of that this is their main product in the market and they sell it through a wide scope of retailer websites.

As a company, Uriflow is produced inside the U.S. and claims are that it is manufactured within a board-approved confinement.

Looking at the success that Uriflow has experienced in the market, sold over 100,001 bottles and counting, rated as the most trusted in the past 10 years, and being with the larger percentage of users exhibiting their satisfaction from the product, it is clear that the stuff is worth some attention.

How Does Uriflow Work?

The way Uriflow works is that it helps to alleviate or reduce the propensity of kidney stone attacks on the users. Immediately this stuff gets into the system, the manufacturer points out that the ingredients of Uriflow act directly on kidney stones to help the body get rid of them within the shortest time possible.

The notion is that the longer kidney stones stay inside a person’s urinary system the riskier it is. Kidney stones may come due to oxalate crystal formation that builds up over time.

When kidney stones overstay in the body, that may mean additional damage to the urinary tract. Passing kidney stones in their whole form may also be painful, that is where supplements like Uriflow, Kidney C.O.P and Stone Breaker come in, to help break down the kidney stone for elimination.

Uriflow Ingredients – Are they Safe and Effective?

Building from what was mention earlier, that Uriflow is one of the oldest kidney support dietary supplement in the market, we can easily and accurately conclude that there has been some continuous improvement on the formulation.

That is, there has been a change in the ingredients and the amount in per serving used. However, even with that, the maker holds onto the fact that the product is still highly effective and safe and that they have seen a lot of success in how most users claim it helped them out.

From the mentioned almost 30 ingredients, below are some of the constituents that make Uriflow effective:

  • Chanca Piedra1 evidence shows that this ingredient can slow down the formation of kidney stones. It is also claimed to have chemicals that support the increase of urine, might relief fever and reduce bacterial activity in the urinary system.
  • Boerhaavia Diffusa2said to help ease anti-oxidative trauma and inhibit stone formation. Some findings also associate it with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.
  • Pumpkin Seed Extracta couple of findings implicate this extract with properties such as easing inflammation, eliminating kidney stones and better hair health in men.


  • Celery Extractshown to be a nutrient-rich extract with antibacterial properties, plus it may help to manage acute kidney inflammation.
  • Basil Extracta common ingredient in dietary supplements and in relation to kidney health, Basil is touted to support kidney function although somewhat indirectly.


  • Tribulus Terrestrismost finding associate Tribulus with sexual health benefits, that it increases libido and sexual performance and that it alters hormonal levels; no clear link connects the ingredient to urinary health.


  • Hemidesmus-Indicus3some old research seems to associate this root extract with the ability to support the process of renal detox.

What are the Advantages of Uriflow?

  • Said to help ease kidney stone pain
  • May dissolve and lessen kidney stone and size making it easing to pass the stones
  • Shown to play a big role in flushing out small stone gravels
  • Seen to hinder the formation of new kidney stones
  • Suppresses the survival of urinary tract infection

What are the Disadvantages of Uriflow?

  • The product seems to pride so much in previous successes not indicating if they have improved the formulation any further.
  • It is not meant to replace professional kidney health diagnosis from an expert.
  • Individuals may react differently to the product.
  • Some users may not like the fact that it has over 18 ingredients and 9 extracts totally to over 27 ingredients.


How Should You Take Uriflow?

The label says 1 capsule per serving but does not indicate whether that is after or before meals.

How Much Does Uriflow Cost?

The current price tag for Uriflow New Advanced Formula is $39 with a varying shipping fee that depends on the distance of the receiver’s location.

What is Uriflow’s Return Policy?

The product comes with a 365 money refund policy in case the user decides to return it.

Uriflow Test – How did Users Respond?

The official website for Uriflow does not share their actual lab conducted test results for the product. However, if we are to conduct a logical analysis test, it is easy to conclude that the product has worked for the bigger majority of users, over 80 percent of the one hundred thousand plus users that have used it.

Does Uriflow Offer Free Trials?

As per the official communication, there is no mention of offers or free samples for Uriflow, maybe this can be arranged on special order.

Uriflow Review – Final Verdict?

Uriflow has had a long history of delivering its promise and based on the website, the majority of their users have given positive feedback. The other outstanding plus that Uriflow has is that it has survived in the market for more than a decade, which suggests that it has regular and loyal customers.

In effectiveness, claims are that Uriflow has 18 high portent ingredients and 9 powerful extracts that work together to dissolve kidney stones, soothe kidney stone pain and quicken the process of passing a kidney stone.

It also controls new kidney stone formation by hindering their formation and growth. The product is also purported to lower urinary tract infection.

Now talking of the drawbacks, this formulation is a dietary supplement and is not meant to replace professional attention for people with any kind of kidney issues. It is also said to work pretty well with any medication but still, it is important that users confirm with their doctor in case they experience any unusual symptoms after combining it with any product.

However, with all factors kept in check, Uriflow has grounds to support its claims because first, it is rated well, it is a well-established product in that it is sold by big retailer websites and that it is said to be doctor recommended.

So people who face kidney stone issues or other problems it claims to tackle may find it worthy to try.

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