Biofreeze vs Blue Emu Reviews – Which One Works?

Joint pain is an excruciating experience for anyone as it is not only painful but also disrupts the sufferer’s quality of life. Now, products such as biofreeze vs blue emu are claimed to be joint pain relievers, and that they might work for those looking for quick pain relief.

What is Biofreeze?

Biofreeze is a collection of joint pain relief products that claim to work fast. It is manufactured in the USA by a company called Hygienic Corporation which bought the brand from Performance Health Inc.

Biofreeze comes in various forms; creams, gels, patches, sprays, roll-ons, and pumps. According to the manufacturer, this product caters beyond home use. It can also be used by professional athletes as well as gym enthusiasts.

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What is Blue Emu?

Going on to Blue Emu, it is also a line of pain-relieving topical products that purport to offer relief for inflammation, soreness, and pain associated with joint, muscle, and skin conditions.

The manufacturer behind this product is Nutrition and Fitness Inc., a company that produces, markets, and distributes the Blue Emu line of products.

So, are biofreeze vs blue emu good? To find out which product, biofreeze vs blue emu better than the other, read on.

Biofreeze vs Blue Emu: Ingredients comparison

Biofreeze ingredients include;

  • Menthol– this is a topical analgesic that is claimed to relieve minor aches and musculoskeletal pains. According to the Rehabilitation Research and Practice journal, topical menthol was found to reduce pain intensity.


  • Aloe vera leaf extract– this is ingredient is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substance. The Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research claims that aloe vera contains amino acids, antimicrobial agents, enzymes, and natural sugars that enhance its healing properties.


  • Boswellia carterii resin extract– also known as boswellia sacra. It is a plant species found in South Arabia from which frankincense is harvested. According to the Indian Journal of Pharmacology, boswellia increases the pain threshold and pain tolerance.

Blue Emu contains the following ingredients;

  • Emu oil– this is fat from a large bird found in Australia that was used traditionally by the aborigines. According to research by Victoria University, this oil is gaining recognition as it reduces joint pain and stiffness. It contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial components.


  • Aloe vera gel– aloe vera contains various components including glucomannan which stimulates cell proliferation and collagen production according to BioMed Research International. Collagen production improves the building of joint cartilage.


  • Allantoin– this is an organic compound found in sources such as comfrey root. According to a research published on Springer Link, allantoin may relieve pain and reduce inflammation and swelling of the muscles and joints.


Customer Reviews for Biofreeze vs Blue Emu

Biofreeze customer feedback Blue Emu customer feedback

1. Strong mentholated smell, but works great

“This product has a strong mentholated spirit but it really does work. I use it three to four times a day and it actually helps with my neck pain. Great stuff!!”

Robin P.


1. Unfortunately, it didn’t help me

“I had aches and pain related to osteoarthritis and overlapping arthritis so I tried Blue Emu Super Strength. Unfortunately, it didn’t help me…”

Diane Marlboro


2. Allergy warning

“Dr. gave me one sample of this to try out for my bad back pain and I loved it. Smeared it on my lumbar region. The next day, I noticed an itching in the place where I put the salve and by the end of the day I had a rash on the whole area. The irritation got worse and took around 7 days for the redness to go away…”

Kindle customer


2. It didn’t help with my joint pain

“It did absolutely nothing for my arthritic knees. It’s a waste of time and money. I’m sure it may work on others. Don’t think I will repurchase.”

Dan Turner



Final Thought: Which is better Biofreeze or Blue Emu?

Going by the ingredients, Biofreeze seems more promising than Blue Emu which relies on the slaughtering of the emu bird. Not only will Blue Emu not appeal to pro-animal consumers, but also vegans.

In terms of how much biofreeze vs blue emu oil, Biofreeze still emerges on the top as it is more affordable. The biofreeze vs blue emu 3000 customer reviews also favor Biofreeze with customers claiming it works. Blue Emu customers, on the other hand, were critical of the product.

So if you are wondering whether to biofreeze vs blue emu cream, Biofreeze stands a much better chance than the Blue Emu.

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