Olympus Labs K1ngs Slayer Review – Is it Effective?

Olympus Labs K1ngs Slayer claims to use natural ingredients in the right dosage to help users get bigger, stronger and harder muscles.

What is Olympus Labs K1ngs Slayer?

Olympus Labs K1ngs Slayer is both a muscle builder and fat-burning supplement that features the Korean Mistletoe Extract, which has been associated with increased muscle growth and reduced muscle loss. The stuff is formulated from a selected collection of several extracts and ingredients that may help users build bulk lean muscle and recover faster from exercise, according to the manufacturer.

There are many factors that come together to contribute to a well-built body. There is the aspect of appetite adjustment, taking the right nutrients and good performance during workouts among others.

Who is the Manufacturer of Olympus Labs K1ngs Slayer?

The company involved with producing this muscle building formula is Olympus. Besides this supplement, they manufacture other health and wellness products, some of which help to boost testosterone hormones. They are based in the U.S.A. and claim to focus on highly innovative techniques on their products to ensure value and effectiveness. They sell the product on their official website and other retailer sites.

How Does Olympus Labs K1ngs Slayer Work?

The capsule is designed to help users achieve three major goals, build muscle, improved energy levels and burn fats, .

It said to enhance the efforts one puts in dieting by boosting appetite, and workout performance by arousing that superhero mindset for the gym, things that may help slabs and lean muscle growth without the accumulation of fats.

For weight shedding, the stuff is said to fuel fat burning by increasing the user’s thermogenesis, metabolism, improve nutrient partitioning, diminish and beat nagging cravings, according to the manufacturer.

In other words, Olympus Labs Kings Slayer can be used for burning fat and building muscles. It uses natural based ingredients in right dose to support the body to develop harder, bigger and stronger muscles.

Olympus Labs K1ngs Slayer Ingredients – Are they Safe and Effective?

Answering to safety demands, producers of such supplements claim to use natural and organic ingredients, mostly from herbs, which purportedly give them an upper hand over synthetic options that may react with the user’s body.

In general, bodybuilding supplements have been around for quite sometimes but users seem to get mixed experiences with these products, a reasonable number of users has complained of short-lived results, relapsing back to their old weight after they stopped using the product, while others claim to have seen lasting results depending on ingredients in the product. Olympus Labs K1ngs Slayer claims to use ingredients with longer lasting results, which include:

  • Korean Mistletoe Extract – said to help with muscle building acquisition, reserve and prevent muscle wasting conditions, and other benefits.


  • Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone – said to accelerate muscle recovery


  • Gentian Root Extract – increases appetite by stimulating ghrelin secretion, which also translates to more growth hormone around the muscles


  • Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone – A compound in citrus fruit associated with qualities of being able to influence muscle formation and muscle recovery.


  • Lancea Extract – said to increase body mass acquisition by boosting muscle signaling.

What are the Advantages of Olympus Labs K1ngs Slayer?

  • Users may experience lean mass gains
  • Might support fat loss
  • May promote muscle fullness and improved muscle pumps
  • People who feel ripped and emaciated after the workout may find this product helpful
  • Users may benefit from increased appetite and nutrient utilization

What are the Disadvantages of Olympus Labs K1ngs Slayer?

  • There is not enough feedback about the product as it is still new in the market
  • The product is not goal specific as it claims to increase appetite as well as reduce cravings
  • Some users may find it too expensive
  • The manufacturer does not offer free shipping for this product
  • It comes to enhance workout not to replace it


How is Olympus Labs K1ngs Slayer Used?

The manufacturer hasn’t stated the daily dose for this product on their official website. However, according to retailer sites, users are advised to take not more than 6 pills in a 24 hour time period; and they should be taken after a heavy meal.

How Much Does Olympus Labs K1ngs Slayer Cost?

A bigger size of the product goes for $169.99, plus a charge of around $5 as shipping fees for people within the U.S.A. However, the shipping fees may vary with distance.

What is Olympus Labs K1ngs Slayer’s Return Policy?

The manufacturer gives domestic customers (those within the U.S.) 14 days to return the product if still unopened and most new, for a full refund. Items that have been opened cannot be accepted back.

Does Olympus Labs K1ngs Slayer Offer Free Trials for their Product?

The producer has not disclosed if they have a free version for this product. For clarity on this, one may call the manufacturer to inquire.

Olympus Labs Kings Slayer Review – Final Verdict

Products that claim to help users enhance their bodybuilding efforts are quite a number, some come as creams, gels, oral suspension, and capsules. Well, with regard to effectiveness they have their space, but they can be expensive as consumers may have to hope from product to another to get that which works for them.

With the capsule approach, the manufacturer of Olympus Labs Kings Slayer claims their product improve men hormones and biological chemicals that enhance muscle building. However, what seems a bit different with this product is the Korean Mistletoe Extract, which is said to accelerate muscle growth and several other benefits, otherwise, other bodybuilding stuff has the same ingredients with this, and are designed to offer the same results.

In other words, there are countless weight management supplements to choose from in the market.



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