Oxalate Crystals Rash Treatment

oxalate crystals rash treatment
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In case you are seeking information about oxalate crystals rash treatment, this post is for you.

To mention upfront, handling oxalate crystals rash is the same as talking about plant allergy rash treatment because the actual culprit here is the oxalate molecule.

Skin irritation may come as a result of many things. Could be a plain disease like Eczema, Impetigo or just mole growth or it could result from bug bites and more.

However, in this case, we are focusing on irritant dermatitis condition resulting from calcium oxalate, from plants.

Why Oxalate Exists in Plants

By default plants have sap, a kind of liquid that is responsible for nutrients transfer and all other food-making and growth processes in the plant, an equivalent of blood in the human body. The substance is comprised of many other elements, nitrogen, water, and calcium oxalate being among them.

According to research, the atomic compound called calcium oxalate is very important to the plant. It plays a role in the survival mechanism of the plant to keep insect and bugs away. That is, when these organisms attack the plant, the oxalate chemical sticks their teeth killing them).

The poison ivy, certain vegetables, fruits and grains like oatmeal and other plants growing in areas most prone with these sap-sucking insects will have a higher level of the chemical compound compared with their counterparts.

Oxalate Crystals Rash  

oxalate crystals rash treatment
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Certain plants have been linked to rash formation – so they are branded rash-problem plants. You might want to get the list of these rash-associated plants as populated by Thomas L. Ogren in chapter 9 of his book. However, some of these plants don’t create a serious situation other than lingering rashes on the skin.

Oxalate crystal rash comes to play after your skin reacts to these potential rash-problem plants like the poison ivy, juniper bushes, poison oak, vetch, poison sumac or stinging nettles among others.

Calcium oxalate exists as microscopic crystals that are needle-like, causing irritation and burning sensations on the skin tissues. When these crystals get to the mouth, specifically on the lips, some people will experience swelling.

Skin Rash Home Remedies for Plant allergy Treatment

oxalate crystals rash treatment
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You might want to know what exactly in your inventory of home remedies would work to treat the oxalate rash or ease the itching and pain before you get your doctor’s advice. A few common ones include aloe lotions, jewelweed, and apple cider vinegar.

Steroidal ointments could also ease your oxalate-related rash symptoms. For example, there is this drug originally called hydroxyzine (but it’s less prescribed nowadays) which Ogren recommend you ask your physician about it. The drug was ordinarily meant to treat anxiety cases but findings also establish it can prevent certain kinds of itching, like oxalate associated rashes. However the drug currently exists in different names.

Quick Note: All these are suggestive remedies given by Thomas Ogren and are not meant to recommend the drug, or replace professional dermatological assessment by your doctor. It’s good you have your doctor check your condition for the precise plant dermatitis treatment.

My Personal Approach for Easing and Treating Rashes   

For plant allergy rashes, you can check up a variety of products that are available over-the-counter. Apply the remedy for sometimes and if it stops delivering results you know some sensitivity shifts have taken place so try the next one in line for sometimes before getting back to the initial or next product. Hope the idea is clear enough but off cause this is if the rash is not serious or alarming as to warrant for special medical attention.

Another key point in dealing with skin rash, in general, is considering what you wear – I call it proper clothing for your condition. To avoid further conduct with rash plants wear long-sleeved clothes and gloves to keep away allergens and pollens.

Top on that, after garden work it is good you take a warm shower to wash away allergens or pollen grains that managed to escape their way to your skin (maybe through the collar etc.) Take note of sap stuck on your skin if any as that could be high in the chemical.

Lastly, if it’s a time when pollen count and allergens are above normal I’d suggest that you just postpone anything to do with gardening. It’s better not to take risks with your health if you are largely susceptible to plant rash (which in this case we call it oxalate rash).

You can Contract Oxalate Crystal Rash from Your Pet

Do you have pets that you believe might have come near the poison ivy or other rash plants? Even those pets that spend most of their time indoors can come into contact with oxalate molecules through allergens or pollen particles. That means if you have oxalate sensitivity don’t cuddle your pets as their fur can pass oils or saps containing the culprit.

But in case it happens, you have less than 15 minutes to wash any urushiol from potential poisonous plants you get exposed to before the substance becomes firm on your skin. The washing should be with a good soap and warm water, coupled with Tecnu an over-the-counter product that easily scraps off the resin. You can also wipe the area using alcohol wipes.

Calcium Oxalates Can also Get to the Skin through Ingestion

The body naturally is supposed to expel unhelpful minerals after digestion. But that may fail if you have issues such as a leaky gut or some other intestinal imbalances, allowing calcium oxalate to be absorbed into the blood. Mark you these particles were destined for excretion from the body, so the system will have to find a way to eliminate them from the blood.

A quick solution to that is oxalates end up dumped on damaged tissues around joints (where a condition called oxalate muscle pain comes to play), and on to the skin causing skin irritations. Sometimes the sensation might be so low that individuals don’t know if they require oxalate crystals rash treatment.

It was earlier thought that cooking oxalate-rich foods and decanting of the residue water down the sink would get rid of the chemical molecules of the compound, but that does very little. Most of the oxalates end up ingested into the digestive system.

Handling Calcium Oxalate by Ingestion

Another good approach and which is obvious is you need to eliminate foods with higher oxalate levels if you have oxalate sensitivity. Automatically, if you been diagnosed with oxalate muscle pains, kidney stones or a leaky gut that’s a sign your body has problems with oxalates.

Most people ask whether cooking oxalate-rich foods does reduce the chemical. Well, there are hints that boiling and decanting foods like spinach or kales might reduce oxalate count, the problem is you can’t tell if the remaining levels will be safe on your system.

For a complete list of low oxalate foods you can stick with, check this article.

To lower your oxalate levels in the body consider taking in a lot of water, which generally helps with detoxification and expulsion of unwanted minerals. Water also avoids the formation of kidney stones because the oxalate in your body would stay dissolved.

Also, get in touch with your doctor as soon as you experience muscle pains or fibromyalgia or other oxalate dumping symptoms such as extreme tiredness in the morning, pain when urinating, frequent urination and skin rash after contact with pollen.

A quick note for workers in agave plantations and Agave tequilana: findings reveal that calcium oxalate, raphides which assume a needle-like shape exists in large numbers in Agave tequilana plant tissues.

Stated in an abstract by https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, a single drop of sap from pressed leaves proved to have between 100 and 150, 30-510 micron long oxalate crystals. Also, over 51 percent of workers associated with dealing with agave stems complained of dermatitis irritations.

If you find yourself with such symptoms your dermatologist would recommend what is called agave rash treatment, which is another name for agave dermatitis treatment or calcium oxalate raphides treatment.

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