CystoProtek Reviews – Does it Really Work?

What is CystoProtek?

CystoProtek is a bladder support dietary supplement that has been designed into a soft gel capsule to make it easy to swallow.

It uses a unique combination of researched ingredients such as glucosamine and others to promote bladder health, according to the producer.

The formula may supposedly have health benefits on the protective layer of the bladder.

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CystoProtek reviews

Source: Algonot

Besides having studies backing up the ingredients used, this product may not have components that can be harmful to the user.

CystoProtek may help reduce the pain, soreness, and discomfort associated with Interstitial Cystitis. Its actual focus is to help support the damaged layer of the bladder, scientifically known as glycosaminoglycan (GAG).

With all these promises, the maker of this supplement highly recommends users to seek medical advice before starting on the product.        

Who is Behind the Production of CystoProtek?

The company behind this bladder dietary supplement is called Algonot. They claim to have been in business for the past several years, which suggests they have what it takes in terms of experience in dietary supplements.

Their official website displays many other products.  They offer cognitive health supplements, joint management formulas, and others.

The website mentions that they are based in the US and that they do international deliveries on the address provided.

In addition, mentioned on their website is that they do not use a certain ingredient that was recently having a lawsuit issue in California.

How Does CystoProtek Work?

Among other uses, CystoProtek is aimed at helping people who suffer from interstitial cystitis, shortened as IC.

As such, it uses highly absorb-able ingredients that have been designed into soft gel capsules to make it even easier to swallow and breakdown after it lands into the stomach.

The components in the soft gels contain anti-inflammatory properties that are said to support or promote the repair of damaged bladder layer or GAG.

To increase its efficiency the product is said to have one particular ingredient that raises its solubility while after ingestion.

CystoProtek Ingredients & Components – Are Safe & Effective?

Some of the featured ingredients for CystoProtek are as discussed below:

  • Chondroitin Sulfate – Naturally, the body has a mechanism in place that supports the production of this component. The quality of this ingredient in CystoProtek’s formulation is said to be 95 percent pure. In function, chondroitin is a part of the building components of the mucosa layer, the connective tissues, and cartilages; hence, its potent role in ensuring a strong glycosaminoglycan layers inside the bladder.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate – This is one common ingredient that is so common in the world of dietary supplements. It’s most prevalent in the joint support arena. In this product, it may contribute to a healthy bladder.
  • Glucosamine Sulfate – is prominent in amino sugar and exists freely in chitin. As a component in both the bladder and the joint cartilages, findings suggest it may offer health benefits to the GAG layers.


  • Rutin – is a flavonoid that is harvested from the Saphora plant. Its role in the CystoProtek formula is that it adds anti-inflammatory function and is less acidic so that it soothes the intestines to facilitate and ease the absorption of this product.


The product also has plant metabolites as Flavonoids, which are extracted from specific fruits and vegetables. They include:

  • Quercetin – this category of Flavonoids, together with quercetin are said to offer oxidative properties. The quercetin used is extracted from the Saphora plant. The reason the manufacturer decided to use Saphora as its source for flavonoids is that they consider it more accessible.
  • Olive Kernel Oil – according to the manufacturer, this oil is the component that makes all the other ingredients in this stuff efficient as it boosts solubility and absorbability. The oil is extracted from the olive seed and that it being 100% low in acidic levels is what makes it of prime quality.
  • Other minor ingredients used for this product include yellow beeswax, Pork Gelatin, Carob extract, sunflower lecithin, caramel, and glycerin.

What are the Advantages of CystoProtek?

  • Said to strengthen the bladder
  • May offer joint health benefits
  • It might help ease bladder pains
  • It may offer real-time assistance to people struggling with Interstitial Cystitis.

What are the Disadvantages of CystoProtek?

  • It may only be available online
  • The product not completely focused on resolving one health issue
  • It features a lot of ingredients some of which are not clear how they support the product’s promise.
  • It may not offer immediate results users might have to wait up to 90 days.


How Should You Take CystoProtek?

It is orally consumed. First-time users should take 1 capsule per 24 hours for the first two days, then in day 3 to 7, increase the dose to 2 tablets, taken twice with meals. Afterward, you can take the full dosage as indicated on the label.

How Much Does CystoProtek Cost?

The product goes for $39 both on the official website and on retailer sites, contains a total of 120 capsules per bottle.

Does CystoProtek Cause Side Effects?

It’s rare. However, people with past allergic experiences after consuming crab, olive oil and eggs should get professional advice before taking this supplement.

Any Caution Placed in CystoProtek?

The manufacturer highlights that nursing or pregnant women should not use this product without consulting with their doctor.

What is CystoProtek’s Return Policy?

The manufacturer states clearly that they offer refunds to users who find any their products unhelpful, but mentions that in some cases, the refund may delay reaching your account.

Does CystoProtek Offer Free Trials? 

No. There is no mention of this both on the official website and on retailer sites.

CystoProtek Review – Our Final Thoughts

Besides bladder support and easing Interstitial Cystitis related pains, this product claims to offer other health benefits like joint pain support so that one doesn’t have to have many supplements.

Clinical studies done by the manufacturer suggest that it is efficient in easing pains and improving the severity of IC.

In precise the collagen support properties, are said to offer not only protection on the bladder but a host of other health benefits that users will not have to consider taking particular supplements for manage specific health-related issues.

Besides the daily dosage, your doctor may advice-accompanying therapy that is to be taking back to back with the supplement.

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